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When to Plant Boxwoods? Thank you for the Tip!

When to Plant Boxwoods? Thank you for the Tip!

Boxwoods are beautiful, hearty plants that can be a great addition to any garden. However, they require a lot of care and attention if they’re going to thrive.

This article will help you better understand the best time of year to plant boxwoods so you don’t end up with dead shrubs!


When to Plant Boxwoods?

Plant boxwoods in the late spring, late fall, or late winter. Avoid extreme temperatures to give the roots a chance to sink in before seasons change. Late fall is the perfect time for planting boxwoods.


Ideal Conditions for Planting Boxwoods

Soil that can drain well is ideal for boxwoods. If you are using a garden bed you can add mulch or rocks to your soil to help with drainage.

You also want the pH levels to be around 6.5 or 7 to keep your bush happy. You’ll need to get a soil meter from a local nursery to test the pH levels of your plant.

If the soil is too acidic you can use citrus to help the soil recover to proper levels. Alkaline soil needs organic matter or sulfur to remedy the imbalance.

Boxwoods can do very full in the full sun or partial shade. If you have an area that receives a lot of sunlight in the morning and then shade in the afternoon, your boxwood will love it.

You could also get a variety that does particularly well in the sun so you won’t need to fret over the location for these types.

The wind is another factor that will ruin your Boxwood over time. The bush has a hard time dealing with strong winds so you’ll want to find a place around the home that is protected.


The Best Place to Plant Boxwoods

Boxwoods stay year round so one of the best places to keep them is next to your driveway or next to your doorway. They catch the eye easily so they are best in places that people are likely to come across.

Because you can shape them very well, you can use boxwoods as a wall panel or privacy creator in your backyard. They are perfect ways of splitting up space to create different moods and environments in your yard.

The longer the boxwoods grow together the more they look like one big hedge.

Be careful about planting boxwoods right next to your home, especially if you have several boxwoods growing. The roots, although shallow, can cause disruptions to the foundation of your home.

To be safe, keep some distance between the bush and your home’s foundation.


Planting Boxwoods in Other Seasons

You can plant boxwoods in warmer weather but you should never plant them in very cold weather. If you do plant your bush in the summertime, you will need to be more hands-on with the growing process.

The bush is the most sensitive when it’s first introduced to the soil. It needs for the soil to be moist at all times during the first few days to allow the roots to take hold.

This is why planting your boxwood in the summer can be much harder than if you choose late spring or late fall.

If the soil is dry for even two days in a row you are risking your plant’s health. Keep the plant watered every day and you should have a beautiful bush in your yard in no time.

The only time of year you need to avoid with boxwoods is the winter. The extreme temperatures will make it harder for the boxwoods’ roots to establish themselves.

Your plant may even suffer from shock if transferred to the cold ground.


Tips for Planting Boxwoods

Boxwoods have shallow roots so you want to try and protect them, if possible. Add some mulch at the base of the plant to provide more warmth and protection.

The mulch will also hold water better and provide moisture to the roots.

Also, because the roots are shallow, you don’t want to plant the bush too far in the ground. You’ll end up suffocating it and the roots won’t have a chance to gather as much water.

The boxwood doesn’t need a ton of water to survive, the soil just needs to be moist for the first few weeks you plant it. In total, you should add around 1 inch of water every week.

When the boxwood is getting established you’ll want to water twice a week but when the roots take shape you can cut it back to once a week.

Sometimes you can go even longer without watering, especially if it rains.


Frequently Asked Questions about When to Plant Boxwoods


Do Boxwoods Like Sun or Shade?

Boxwoods do very well when exposed to sunlight in the morning and early afternoon and then shade in the later afternoon. Some varieties are able to do better if given full sun throughout an entire day.


What’s The Recommended Distance When Planting A Boxwood From A House?

A regular-sized boxwood should be planted about 6 feet from the home. Dwarf Boxwoods can be planted 3-4 feet from your home.


How Close Together Should You Plant Boxwoods?

If you are using the boxwood as a hedge you should plant it 1-2 feet apart, otherwise, you can plant boxwoods 3-5 feet apart. The higher you plan on having your boxwood hedge, the farther apart your plants should be.


Planting Boxwoods

Your boxwoods would do best if planted late in the fall so they have a chance to become established.

They only require watering once a week and if you plan on leaving them tall you’ll need to keep them further apart from each other.