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How To Take Care Of A Mini Orchid The Right Way

How To Take Care Of A Mini Orchid The Right Way

Mini orchids are some of the most attractive blooms you can grace your homes with their beauty.

Because they come in a number of colors, they are a popular flower to decorate within many areas.

They do have certain care requirements, so before you purchase a mini orchid, you need to know how to take care of it so that it continues to live and brighten up your space.

While some have the misconception that mini orchids are not easy plants to maintain, following these simple steps will keep your orchid alive and healthy.


How To Take Care Of A Mini Orchid

To take care of a mini orchid, use a potting mix with the appropriate nutrient ratio. Water them using distilled or filtered water while making sure the temperature remains between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. They do need to be placed away from direct sunlight, where other plants in your home or office may thrive.


Potting Mixture For Your Mini Orchid

When you begin caring for a mini orchid, the first thing to consider is the potting soil that you are placing in the pot where the orchid will be growing.

After purchasing your mini orchid, you want to remove it by turning the plant upside down and gently pulling it from the store’s pot.

In your new pot, you want to fill with a potting mixture that has the appropriate ratio of nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium.

Your nitrogen level should not be higher than 20 percent, phosphorus around 5 percent, and calcium at or below 5 percent in the fertilizer.

This gives the mini orchid the fertilizer it needs without overpowering the plant.

Also, this mixture is not like regular potting soil because orchids do not naturally grow in the ground.

You need a natural orchid mix that is made of wood chips and other components of their natural environment.


Watering Your Mini Orchid

For the best health of your orchid, you should not use just any water for watering, but a distilled water or filtered water that has removed excess minerals.

Tap water can carry excessive amounts of nutrients that can do more harm than good to your orchid.

Depending on the time of year, you want to water your orchid only once, making sure to saturate the pot, getting the water down to the roots.

As the temperature gets warm or hot, you can increase your watering to twice a week.


Keep A Comfortable Climate

In order for your mini orchid to continue thriving and blooming, you want to maintain a controlled temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the space where the mini orchid is sitting.

This is why mini orchids are successful indoors.

You also want to provide a certain level of humidity since you are indoors by either misting your orchid with a spray to give it a more humid atmosphere or putting a dish of water beneath the pot so that the air surrounding the mini orchid becomes humid.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

While your mini orchid does enjoy lights for its health, direct sunlight can burn and damage the leaves on your orchid.

If you want to place the orchid on a window sill, make sure it is an area that the sun is not touching directly so that it can absorb the light it needs without the damage.

Otherwise, you want to move your orchid to another area that is very well lit and out of the direct sunlight coming in through the window.


Frequently Asked Questions About How To Take Care Of A Mini Orchid


I do not have a window in my office space. Can I still expect my mini orchid to thrive here?

As long as you have lots of lighting in this space, especially fluorescent lights, your orchid will be able to obtain its light needs daily. This could also be a better alternative for your mini orchid since there will not be direct sunlight to burn the leaves and cause foliage damage.


Do I Need to Support My Mini Orchid Like Larger Orchids?

Although they are small, mini orchids also need to have support for their stems so that they do not break. When you purchase your mini orchid, most nurseries have one available, but if not, you can use a small rod with garden twine to easily adjust and support the mini orchid.


How Do I Know I Should Mist My Mini Orchid?

Since you are working to generate a humid environment for your orchid indoors, you want to keep a small spray bottle of water around so that when your mini orchid appears dry and the leaves look like they are starting to shrivel, you can mist your plant. Just a few sprays around the mini orchid are enough to generate that mild humidity that the mini orchid is seeking.


Are You Ready For A Mini Orchid In Your Plant Collection

While it is not overly difficult, knowing how to take care of a mini orchid requires attention to detail.

Maintenance of these plants is essential in order to keep them growing and continuing to live throughout the year.

While the blooms on these plants do not last all year, they are a beautiful addition to add to your living or workspace.