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When to Plant Caladium Bulbs? The Answer!

When to Plant Caladium Bulbs? The Answer!

There are quite a few things that I have to take into consideration whenever I want to plant something.

It is important to consider what amount of sunlight the plant prefers, the ideal humidity for it, and many other factors. However, I also have to think about the best time to plant it.

This applies to caladium bulbs as well as any other type of plant, as well, given the fact there are certain times of year that plants tend to grow more easily than they do at other times.

Here is what I think is important to know if you want to learn when to plant caladium bulbs.


When to Plant Caladium Bulbs?

The USDA divides the United States into 8 hardiness zones. Figure out which zone you live in before you plant caladium bulbs. Plant them on June 15 if you are in hardiness zones 3, 4, or 5, on June 1 if you’re in zone 6, on May 1 if you’re in zone 7, on April 15 if in zone 8, and on March 15 if you reside in zones 9 or 10. 


When Is the Ideal Time to Plant Caladium Bulbs

It is critical to point out that caladium plants are one type of tropical tuber and they have to be warm in order to thrive.

I recommend that you wait until the soil is warm enough, meaning at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer before you plant the caladium bulbs.

If the weather outside is cool, it will delay your caladium bulb’s germination by a significant amount.

It is best to follow the previously mentioned planting guidelines depending on the hardiness zone in which you live.

I advise you to check out this map for more clarification about when to plant caladium bulbs.


Things to Know about Caladiums

It is a good idea to start off by stating that caladiums are a type of tropical plant and there is plenty of variety when it comes to their combinations and colors.

The caladium plant’s native environment is the Amazon River’s banks in South America.

White, red, and pink are some of the primary colors of the caladium plant, and each variety of the caladium plant combines at least two but possibly more of these colors in a unique way.


Ways to Plant Caladiums

In addition to knowing when to plant caladium bulbs, I also recommend that you know how to plant them effectively.

One option is to plant the caladium bulbs in a pot, as you would with many other types of plants.

However, one other option that I have found interesting for caladium bulbs is planting them in a hanging basket.

However, I have also found that planting caladium bulbs in a mass planting in the area’s landscape works well, too.


Where Best to Plant Caladium Bulbs

I should note that caladium bulbs grow well if they’re in the shade or at least in partial shade.

However, some types of caladiums can tolerate more sunlight than others and will do just fine if they are planted in a space that doesn’t have much shade.

I should mention that you can plant your caladium bulbs outdoors if you want, but you can also plant them indoors if you prefer.


The Proper Way to Plant Caladium Bulbs

To plant caladium bulbs properly, start off by planting the bulb’s top one and one-half to two inches below the surface and make sure the eyes are facing up.

If using sandy soil, add a bit of peat moss and mix it in so that moisture retention is better.

I advise that you mulch around the caladium bulb planting and make sure it stays moist during the whole season.

For the best results, it is good to fertilize the caladium bulbs every six weeks using either a slow-release fertilizer or a 6-6-6 fertilizer.

One teaspoon of fertilizer per bulb is enough.


How to Store Caladium Bulbs

If you live in hardiness zones 8-10, I advise that you store your caladium bulbs during winter.

To do so, decrease the amount of water, then dig up the caladium bulbs and allow them to air dry for a whole week.

I recommend storing them somewhere that is dry and in a location that stays at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above during winter.

I will add that you do not have to worry about storing caladium bulbs if you live in hardiness zones 3-7.


Will Caladiums Thrive Indoors: The Answer

Some types of plants do not do well indoors and really need to be outdoors in order to thrive. However, caladiums do just fine indoors if planted in pots and I will add that you can put them outside when summer begins.

If you want to cut the flowers of caladiums, you can do so and these flowers will be fine for between two and three weeks.

I found that caladiums often look quite good as part of a floral arrangement or in a vase.


Frequently Asked Questions about When to Plant Caladium Bulbs


Are caladiums a difficult plant to take care of in general?

Caladiums are relatively easy to take care of in a general sense. It is especially easy to plant caladium bulbs.


What about watering the caladiums properly?

It is important to keep in mind that caladiums are greenhouse plants and they enjoy moisture and heat. I advise that you water a caladium plant regularly but only with a moderate amount of water.


Should I water my caladium plant differently during different seasons?

In the spring and summer, make sure the soil mix remains a little moist and ensure that the water is draining properly. If the plant is growing, put in some liquid leaf plant fertilizer between every eight and fifteen days. I recommend that you do not add fertilizer in the fall and winter seasons, in addition to decreasing how much you water the plant, and don’t water the plant again until the soil is dry.



Knowing when to plant caladium bulbs is not easy, but I advise that you plant them on the recommended day based on your hardiness zone.

I should also reiterate that it is not a good idea to plant the caladium bulbs in the fall or winter since it is likely that this will delay their germination significantly.