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11 Vegetables Grown Underground

The plants that give us underground vegetables employ various tactics for storing energy for future use. The energy they produce is stored in roots, stems, and bulbs.  These vegetables, which usually mature in time for winter, are high in starch.  They have sustained generations of humans and animals through the coldest months of each year.    …

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11 Popular Vegetables to Grow Yourself

Vegetables are a vital part of our daily diet. In general, they are rich in fiber to aid digestion and full of vitamins and minerals that build the immune system.  That is why the health pundits recommend eating five of these veggies a day.  However, there are many factors that determine whether a vegetable is …

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12 Best Vegetables to Plant in Spring

It’s springtime! You’ve survived the harshest winter and the sun has finally started shining its rays.  This means it’s the perfect time to step back into your garden and put all that pent-up energy you accumulated during winter into good use.  Question is, what are the best crops to grow once you’re done preparing your …

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