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The Best Time to Plant Trees in Utah — Oh!

Utah is a beautiful state that provides mountainous vistas in the northern part of the state that flow down into a striking desert in the South.

Because of the unique climates in differing regions of the state, some have come to wonder what the best time is to plant trees in Utah.

While there are several variables to consider when planting trees in Utah, there are some general common-sense principles to planting trees in Utah.


The Best Time to Plant Trees in Utah

The best to plant trees in Utah is either the Spring or the Fall. This is universally true for most tree planting, especially for northern Utah that faces snow in winter. If you plant trees just after the soil thaws and after the prime growing season, you allow the trees to focus on putting down roots. 


Planting Trees in Northern Utah

For those that live in the north of the state and experience a traditional winter, tree planting is ideal at two different times.

However, it also depends on the tree type you’re planning to plant.


Fruit Trees

Generally, it is best to plant fruit trees that can grow in Northern Utah at the end of winter. Ideally, it’s best to plant them as soon as the ground’s not frozen.

This will allow the tree to focus on getting its roots down before the spring growing season, where much of the tree’s energy is put into flowering and producing fruit.

Northern Utah provides a climate that supports a lot of hardy fruit trees. Apples, pears, cherries, and figs are best served by planting in early spring or late in winter.


Other Deciduous Trees

If you plan to plant another type of deciduous tree, like maple or aspen, either spring or fall can be a great time to plant.

Like the fruit trees, getting the transplant in the ground the earliest in the latter part of winter or early part of spring is helpful.

However, if you wish to plant your tree in the fall, that’s a great time to start planting. When planting in the fall, be careful to water your tree and keep it hydrated always.

Sometimes, Utah can have dry autumns that do not provide enough water for recently planted trees.

Always make sure that you are planting a tree in a location where it can thrive, and please make sure that the type of tree you plant can survive in the ecosystem of Northern Utah.



Northern Utah can support evergreen trees as well. Evergreens have a little more leeway in the planting because they are tough trees.

Unlike deciduous trees, evergreens do not have a dormant period when it gets cold, so planting them does not necessarily have to revolve around dormancy.

However, planting them in the fall or spring is still the best. But, the parameters for the best time to get them in the ground is not as narrow as it is for deciduous trees.


Planting Trees in Southern Utah

Anyone who has traveled into southern Utah is aware of the desert climate in that part of the state. While snow is not common in the warmest regions, the climate also limits what trees can grow naturally.

Those living in the south of Utah should research what trees are viable options for their landscaping. However, there are still nuances about when to plant certain types of trees in desert climates.


Fruit Trees and Other Deciduous Trees

Even though parts of southern Utah never freeze, the plants still react to the colder season. Even though the winter is warm, the spring hot, and summer too hot in places, the trees in the area respond to the changes in climate.

If you want to plant a fruit tree in southern Utah, it is still ideal for planting in the spring or fall, just after or just before the dormant season for the tree.

With fruit trees, it is vital to avoid planting in the summer months in hot areas.

The heat of the summer is brutal on trees, making it a poor time to plant. The summer is when the trees are focused on surviving the elements, and new trees may not have the foundation of roots to make it through a long hot summer.


Frequently Asked Questions about When to Plant Trees in Utah


How do I know which trees will thrive in my area?

Visit your local nurseries and talk to the people there. They will help you understand which trees will meet your desires and when to plant them.


How do I know where in my yard to plant my new tree?

Do some research regarding what the tree needs to thrive, and what to expect as the tree grows. If the tree needs lots of sun, do not plant it in a shady place. If you know the tree will grow tall, do not put it under the overhang of your roof or powerlines, etc.


Happy Planting

Utah is a beautiful state with diverse ecosystems that provide a plenitude of options for landscaping your yard.

Do some research regarding the best trees for your needs, and make sure to plant them in the right season.

Planting during the right season spells the difference between having plenty of fresh fruit or not.

Or, planting in the right season will determine whether or not that great shade tree you have envisioned in 20 years will come to fruition. Happy planting!

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