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How Long Does It Take For Tomatoes To Grow After Flowers?

How Long Does It Take For Tomatoes To Grow After Flowers?

Tomatoes are popular worldwide. As a result, more people are growing them in their home gardens, backyards, and even indoors.

The taste of homegrown and fresh tomatoes is incomparable to the ones at the grocery store.

They thrive well in warm weather, and it is essential to understand their growth stages and periods.

This article will discuss how long it takes tomatoes to grow after flowers and guide you to ensure your tomatoes thrive.


How Long Does It Take Tomatoes To Grow After Flowering?

Small types of tomatoes take about 25 to 30 days to grow. Large tomatoes take about 45 to 60 days to grow after flowering.


Growing Your Tomatoes After Flowers

Once tomato plants begin to flower, you can tell that they’re not off. Depending on the tomato type, the time the fruit needs to grow post pollination can take up to 60 days, 25 days at the very least. 

Smaller branches of tomatoes take a shorter time to grow, while larger varieties take more time to grow.

The first sign of tomato fruits will be little green balls, but that is not their final appearance. Tomato fruits grow at a slower rate for the first 2 to 3 weeks.

During this time, wilt absorbs and stores nutrients to help it grow into the juicy fruit ready for harvest. Therefore, it is essential to be patient.

The tomato fruit grows rapidly for the next three to five weeks after a slow growth rate in the first few weeks. At this point, the tomato fruits are in their mature size.

Some may still be green, but they will undergo the ripening process to change color.

Once the tomato ripens and reaches its full color, check if it’s firm to the touch and go ahead to pick and enjoy the fruits.


The Flowering of Tomatoes

Your tomato plants start to form small yellow flowers when the vines grow to about 12 to 18 inches tall. Flowering is an indication that the tomatoes are not far off from growth.

It takes about a month for the tomato to flower after you transplant the vine into your garden. Some plants will begin to flower even when the wind is still in the pot.

Tomato flowers self-pollinate as they possess both the male parts and female parts needed, that is the stamen and the pistil, respectively. 

Therefore, you only need one tomato seedling to get some tomatoes. Apart from self-pollination, bees and the wind also help the tomato pollen move from the stamens to the pistils.

The flower petals of the tomato vine fall off once fertilization has taken place. Likewise, flowers that don’t pollinate will eventually wither, die, then fall off.


Background and Growth of Tomatoes

Tomatoes generally do well in warm weather.Research shows that tomatoes need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to grow well.

Moreover, you don’t need a large amount of space to cultivate tomatoes. They can fit well in your backyard, home garden, or even indoors.

They can also grow well in containers.

Tomatoes are perennial plants, which means they live for more than two years.

You can grow them in the warm season here, depending on where you live.

Tomatoes are available in hundreds of cultivars. They range in shape, colors, sizes, amount of time needed to ripen and use in cooking.

One plant can yield about 4 to 6 kg (10 to 15 lbs) of tomatoes.

A tomato seedling germinates for about a week or up to 10 days. It takes about 45 to over 100 days to be ready for harvest after you transplant the seedling.


How To Help Your Tomatoes Thrive

It’s essential to take good care of your tomato plants even after the flowering stage to ensure you get the best fruits that tomato wine can give.


Grow Tomatoes Under the Right Temperature

Tomatoes need moderate temperatures, not ones that are either too high or too low.

The plant will fail to develop flowers if the temperatures are above 95 degrees during the day or below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8 degrees Celsius) at night.

If your tomatoes flower, they may fail to develop if they don’t have the right temperature.

Tomatoes need six to eight hours of sunlight every day if you have afternoon shade in hot climates, which may prevent flowering and cause a drop in food production.


Water the Tomato Vines Properly

Tomato fruit and flowers need constant moisture to develop. Water your tomato plants in hot weather at least once or twice weekly.

Tomatoes acquire 12 inches of water weekly. One inch of water in a four by 8 Garden bed is equal to 20 gallons.

Check the containers to ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out. Also, you need the ground to drain correctly.


Use Fertilizers

Tomatoes require nutrients for growth. You can enrich the soil with a 2-inch layer of manure that’s well-decomposed or compost.

Place the fertilizer into the soil a fortnight before planting the tomatoes. You can also promote fruiting by adding additional phosphorus.

A high phosphorus fertilizer or liquid seaweed are good sources of phosphorus for your tomatoes. Ensure you read the package directions if you use manufactured fertilizers.

Furthermore, you can add one to two shovels of compost around every plant when they start flowering. You can also help reach the developing fruits if you add a cup of compost tea to every plant weekly.


Protect Your Tomato Plants from Pests

Your tomatoes may be prone to pests, which can affect their ability to flower and develop fruits.

Tomato hornworms are a good example, and they eat up the plants’ leaves, flowers, and fruits. Just remove them by handpicking.

You can use a blast of water to knock off whiteflies and aphids from the plant.

Use soaker hoses to water your tomatoes from below to help prevent fungal diseases. Also, handle the plants only when they’re dry.

Moreover, wash off your hands using soap and water after smoking tobacco to ensure your plans don’t get the tobacco mosaic virus.

Finally, if you have an infected plant, pull them up musically and throw them in the trash.


Frequently Asked Questions About How Long It Takes For Tomatoes To Grow After Flowers


How long will it take my tomatoes to be ready for harvest after transplant?

Your tomatoes will be ready for harvest after at least 45 to 100 days after transplanting them.


How long does it take tomato seedlings to germinate?

Germination depends on growing conditions. Tomato seedlings take about seven to ten days to germinate.



Tomatoes are a popular fruit, and people use them in various dishes.

It takes about 25 to 60 days for your tomatoes to develop after flowering, depending on the size entirely. Smaller types of tomatoes take 25 to 30 days, while large tomatoes take 45 to 60 days.

It is essential to care for your tomatoes by taking various measures such as the right temperature of water in the tomatoes, using fertilizer, plants, and controlling pests.

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