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How Long Does A Tomato Take to Grow? — Let’s Find Out

How Long Does A Tomato Take to Grow? — Let’s Find Out

Are you looking for a bit more nutrition in your life? Why not grow your own tomatoes! 

It’s known that tomatoes are chock-full of vitamins. They have great health benefits and are used in many different foods. 

Growing tomatoes can be quite intimidating for beginner gardeners but there is no need to panic! 

Keep reading to find out how long a tomato takes to grow, as well as tips on how to better grow your tomatoes! 


How long does a tomato take to grow?

The period of time in which a tomato will reach full maturity is between 20-80 days from when it starts to flower. This is, however, completely dependent on factors such as the tomato variety, sunlight, water, and the soil mixture used. 


Factors Affecting How Long It Takes A Tomato To Grow


Tomato Variety

The first thing you need to identify is what variety of tomatoes you are growing. 

The type and variety of tomato impact the time period of long a tomato takes to grow. 

There are two main types of tomato variations, these are determinates and indeterminates.


Determinate tomato plants

A determinate tomato plant grows to a specific height and then stops growing. 

These plants are very bushy in appearance and grow all their produce seasonally. This means that your plant will usually produce one batch of tomatoes once a year.

Determinates are perfect for indoor gardening and for growing in pots. 

It’s because they don’t take up much space. Examples of this variant of tomatoes are Roma tomatoes and golden girl tomatoes.

When growing your determinate tomato plant, you’ll notice that they are very seasonal. They only produce fruit when the weather conditions are most favorable. 

It would be a good idea for you to plant this type of variety if you live in an area with a fairly warm spring and hot summer. 

I would not advise growing these types of plants if you live in an area that is cold all year round as the growth of the tomatoes will be stunted.

Once your plant starts producing flowers, your plant will stop growing in height. 

It will also stop growing new leaves and stems and focus its energy on growing these flowers into tomatoes. 

It takes approximately 5 weeks for your tomato plant to grow from blooms to fruits.


Indeterminate tomato plants

Unlike determinate plants, indeterminates do not stop growing. 

They continue to grow all year round. Indeterminate plants have a vine-like appearance and tend to take up a lot of space. 

They are not suitable for indoor gardening and I would advise that you plant them in a spacious area, outside, so that your plant may flourish. 

The majority of the tomatoes grown are indeterminate and a few examples of these tomatoes include sun gold tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. 

These plants grow all year long. In summer, indeterminate plants will take around a month to two months to grow from flower to fruit. 

Tomato plants rely on warmth heavily, therefore, during winter, indeterminate plants will grow their tomatoes a lot slower. 

The lack of warmth could mean your tomatoes could take up to three months to grow. 

I would advise you to plant this variant of tomatoes if you live in an area that is fairly warm all year round. 

This way you’ll be able to grow tomatoes throughout the year and the heat will allow for fast-growing, good quality tomatoes. 



Sunlight is one of the most crucial factors to watch out for when you are growing your tomatoes! 

If your plant does not get the required sunlight it needs it will produce tomatoes very slowly or possibly not at all. 

When growing your tomato plant, make sure that you grow it in an open area that is away from shade. 

Your plants need a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight to grow their tomatoes successfully! 

Between six to eight hours of sunlight is the ideal amount of sun for tomato production. The more sun and warmth your plants get the faster their tomatoes will grow and with better quality. 

Using a greenhouse is a great way to ensure your tomatoes get the proper sunlight and warmth they require, resulting in fast-growing tomatoes. 

Tomatoes do not grow well in cold, shaded areas. If your plant doesn’t receive enough sunlight, tomatoes won’t grow. 

If conditions get very cold these plants are known to stop growing at first frost. Cold conditions will hinder the growing process and possibly harm and kill your plant. 



Never forget how important water is for your tomatoes! 

If your tomato plant is not receiving enough water it can hinder the growing process of tomatoes and severely harm your plant. 

The easiest way to check if your plant needs water is to simply stick two fingers 1 inch into the soil. If the soil appears to be dry then your plant needs some water!

When watering your plant, try not to water it from the top as the water falling directly on the foliage and on the produce can disrupt your plant and its fruit! 

Always water your plant at the base, right by the soil. This will also ensure your plant gets thoroughly watered. 

Water your plant until the soil is well moist to ensure optimal tomato growth.


Soil mixture

The best soils to use for growing tomatoes are soil mixtures that are rich in nutrients. 

Nutritious soil will allow for your tomatoes to have a better quality aside from hastening their growing period.

This is, however, not a detrimental factor! 

Tomatoes are fairly resilient plants and therefore they will grow in any well-drained loam. The optimal acidic level for the soil should be between a pH of 7-8. 

If you are growing determinate tomatoes in a pot, your best option would be to use potting soil. 

If you are growing indeterminates you can buy a soil mixture or use garden soil. 

You can also make your own mix of soil which should consist of 70% peat moss and 30% compost.