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How To Sprig Bermuda Grass By Hand The Right Way

How To Sprig Bermuda Grass By Hand The Right Way

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Sprigging Bermuda Grass is a great way to put in your lawn without waiting for a slow seed.

You only need a few hand tools and the right sprig and fertilizer to create your lawn.

In this text, I will outline the hows and whys of sprigging your Bermuda Grass by hand.

How to Sprig Bermuda Grass by Hand

Sprigging is the process of using stems instead of seeds to grow a lawn. To sprig your lawn you will need to order sprigs from a grass grower or cut-up fresh sod. Place the sprigs on the ground and till them into the dirt. After watering the sprigs will grow quicker than Bermuda Grass Seed.

Steps You Need to Follow in Sprigging Bermuda Grass by Hand

Sprigging may sound difficult, but it is actually quite simple.

  1. Till the soil of your lawn to about 4 inches deep.
  2. Sprinkle your sprigs covering the entirety of your lawn.
  3. Now either till or press the sprigs into the soil. You want to create contact between the root and the soil.

I cover my freshly sprigged lawn with straw to help keep moisture in and allow the sprigs to grow.

How to Care For Your Newly Sprigged Bermuda Grass

When sprigging Bermuda grass, you should do it as early in the season as possible. Sprigs can be planted as late as June it is well researched that the crop will last longer if it is planted in January – March.

Start after the last expected ground frost of the season.

Watering and Fertilizing Hand Planted Bermuda Grass

In caring for a new lawn, watering is very crucial. The sprigs will turn brown when they are first placed in the ground.

Bermuda Grass is drought resistant and difficult to kill. The inside of the root is still alive when it is brown and needs lots of water to start growing.

Soak the ground completely when the sprigs are first placed. Your sprigs should take about two to three weeks to start growing.

Your sprigs will need lots of fertilization.

Fertilize every fortnight for the first one-and-a-half month. Then fertilize halfway through the growing season and during the growing season’s end.

Creating a Mowing Schedule

You should mow for the first time when sprigs have grown three inches tall. Mow to the length of two inches the first two times you mow.

You can mow your Bermuda Grass to a regular height of around .75 to 1 inch after the first three partial mows are completed.

Weed Management

If you see weeds grow in the first six weeks don’t worry about spraying or pulling them. This step is best taken when the sprigs have had a few weeks (about 6) to establish themselves.

Once you have completed the first two mows you can start spraying for weeds without worrying about the roots of your Bermuda Grass.

How to Fertilize a Hand Sprigged Lawn

Check the PH level of your lawn before you plant your sprigs. You can get a soil test from any hardware store or most online retailers.

You’ll want to maintain a PH level between 5.8 to 7. You can use lime on your soil if your PH is low. If your PH is too high, use Sulfur.

Maintaining Your Bermuda Grass

Don’t worry too much at the beginning about empty spots. Bermuda grass grows laterally and will fill its own spots.

If your grass is thin near the end of the season make sure sun, water, and nutrients are correct.

Water the lawn about one inch deep twice a week

Bermuda Grass prefers a lot of water two times a week over light water once a day.

Water is important to establish your lawn. Make sure your grass does not get dry. Bermuda Grass is drought resistant it needs lots of water in the beginning.

Manage weeds to keep the grass looking picture perfect

Find a well-rated weed killer that does not affect your Bermuda Grass. Start spraying your weeds 6 weeks after planting.

Don’t spray if you have not done your first mow.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Sprig Bermuda Grass by Hand

How do you Plant Bermuda Grass Plugs?

Bermuda Grass plugs are a two-inch deep sod that is planted in rows on your lawn. You will need a plug tool to pull plugs from the sod. If you are planting a small lawn you can purchase sod and plant it according to the instructions in a small area of your lawn. Use a plug tool to pull plugs from the new sod once the sod has established itself (2 – 3 weeks). Make sure the area you are plugging is tilled and has no existing grass.

How Much Does it Cost to Sprig Bermuda Grass?

The average cost of a bushel of Bermuda Grass Sprigs is between $1 to $5 each. It takes an average of 20 – 30 bushels to cover an acre of land. When sprigging your lawn you will need to account for the cost of the fertilizer, tilling, and weed control.

Where do you Buy Bermuda Grass Sprigs?

You can buy Bermuda Grass sprigs at most commercial grass companies. The important choice to make when purchasing Bermuda Grass sprigs is how soon your sprigs will arrive. Sprigs should be planted within a day or two of being pulled. Your sprigs will die in transport if the supplier takes longer than a day.


If you are looking to sprig a large amount of land, it is best to contact a grass company or use farm equipment to get the job done.

If you are looking to create a perfect lawn under a few acres then hand sprigging is the best option for you.

It is the best process to ensure you have a beautiful lifelong lawn that can withstand the elements.

Taking the time to put your Bermuda Grass sprigs in properly will ensure your investment pays out long term.