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When To Start Amaryllis For Christmas? Oh!

When To Start Amaryllis For Christmas? Oh!

The botanical name of Amaryllis is Hippeastrum, and it is originated from South America’s tropical regions. 

Amaryllis is popular because of its large flowers and ease with which they can bloom, which is why they are in demand worldwide. 

There are several varieties of Amaryllis, which include shades of red, pink salmon, white, and orange. 

There are many multicolored varieties and striped ones. Multicolor are combinations of usually pink, red, and white. 

Thus, if you want to plant this beaut in time for the Yuletide season, then better stay tuned to learn all about it.


When to Start Amaryllis for Christmas?

To start amaryllis for Christmas, pot up one amaryllis bulb in early November and the second one after few days to increase your odds of having Amaryllis in bloom at the event of Christmas. 


Flowering Period

As a general rule, the flowering period of the bulb is 7-10 weeks. 

But season matters a lot; in winter, flowering takes more time than in spring. 

So, keeping in mind the weather, make sure your planting schedule is in between October and April. 

Plant at least 2 weeks apart for stunning colors in your garden and in the home to achieve continuous blooms. 

But, if you’re planning to have amaryllis for Christmas, better start potting bulbs in November and pot another batch of bulbs a few days after for increased chances.


Preparation for Planting

In the process of preparation, place the roots and base of the bulb in lukewarm water. 

But in case if you don’t want to plant the bulb immediately after receiving it, then store it at a cool temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Degrees Celsius). 



Take the bulbs and plant them in nutritious potting compost. 

Some potting spots are pre-mixed. Plant the bulbs in a way that their necks are outside the soil. 

Avoid damaging the roots while planting. After planting, press the ground down firmly to set the bulbs safely. 


Placement and Watering

Since Amaryllis needs heat for stem growth, plant its bulb in an area that is warm and has direct sunlight exposure. 

60 to  70 degrees Fahrenheit (15-21 Degrees Celsius) is the most ideal temperature to grow your Amaryllis in to maintain the strength of the plant. 

Water the plant sparingly until the stem pop up. Increase water quantity when buds and leaves emerge. 

After it has reached complete growth, the stem will increase, and flowers will develop faster. The amaryllis’ length is average.


Care After Blooming


After Flowering

Unlike most plants, you can make Amaryllis flower again after their blooming has stopped

After the blooming period, trim the old flowers off the stem. When the branch starts sagging, cut it back until the top part of the bulb. 


Leaf Growth and Development

At least for 5-6 months of summer, continue to water and fertilize normally. It allows the leaves to develop and grow fully. 

When leaves begin to yellow, especially during the fall season, cut the leaves about 2 inches from the bulb’s top while removing the bulb from the soil. 


Bulb Storage

Clean the bulb and place it at a cool temperature. 

Put it in a place that’s dark such as a crisper of the refrigerator for about six months. Do not place Amaryllis in a fridge that is set with apples because it sterilizes the bulbs. 


Plant Again

Whenever you would like to plant after six months, get the bulbs from the fridge and plant them. 

It will take eight weeks to get blooms, so grow eight weeks earlier than your need.


How Long will Amaryllis Continue to Bloom

Plants need care and especially those plants that bloom every year.

So, with proper care and attention, an amaryllis bulb can bloom for years and, in most cases, over decades. 

Many people claimed this fact, and one grower claimed that his amaryllis plant bloomed every year for almost 75 years!

So, it all depends upon the efforts of the person who plants Amaryllis. 

You can grow Amaryllis year-round if you properly take care of them. 

As Amaryllis are sold only around holidays, they can bloom for years if they receive bona fide supervision. 


Amaryllis and Coffee Grounds

Many people add a sprinkling of coffee grounds to the potting soil because Amaryllis like slightly acid soil for growth. 

Be careful not to disturb the Amaryllis’ roots during repotting. Until the roots resettle, or you may experience fewer blooms. 


Keeping Amaryllis Bulbs for the Next Year

To store the bulbs, carefully pluck the bulb out of the soil. Brush off the mud. 

Store the bulb with peat or perlite in a paper bag or box. 

Let the bulb in that cool place for about 9-10 weeks without water. In this way, your bulb will remain safe and fertile for next year. 

Next year, carefully take that bulb and plant it in suitable soil. It will grow like any other amaryllis bulbs. 


Frequently Asked Questions About When to Start Amaryllis for Christmas


Why does my Amaryllis only grow leaves?

If you try to get the plant to rebloom quickly, Amaryllis will grow only leaves and no flowers. It is because the bulb needs time to restore nutrients. It’s followed by a crucial dormant period. During this period of time, your Amaryllis will grow no flowers, only leaves. In this situation, you should stop watering the plant and let the bulbs dry out. Flowers need water, but leaves can absorb it from the soil.


How do you put Amaryllis to sleep?

There is a stimulation of the life cycle for the bulb to flower again. It can be forced to go dormant. So, if you want to put Amaryllis to sleep in the life cycle, place the potted Amaryllis at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 Degrees Celsius) in a dim-lit place. Let the Amaryllis stay dormant for about eight weeks and not water the bulbs at this time and if the leaves wither, cut them off from top of the bulb.