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When to Repot a Jade Plant? The Best Time!

When to Repot a Jade Plant? The Best Time!

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Succulents are so much fun, they are beautiful, easy to grow, and they can add emphasis to any space.

That being said, succulents like jade plants do tend to grow quickly and may need to be re-potted.

Though you may be worried to repot your jade plant, they can be repotted if you take the time to read up and do it right.


When to repot a Jade Plant?

You can repot a Jade plant if it’s already too large for its container, when the soil is dry, and when the weather is warm. It is best to repot in the summer when your plant has time to dry out fully between repotting. 


Jade Plant and repotting

As with any succulent, if they are well-cared for, they will grow, and they will likely grow very quickly.

This means that the tiny little plant you bought six months ago maybe bursting at the seams.

When your jade plant grows too large for its pot it can be very dangerous for the plant and can cause damage.

Plants that are too large for their pot run the risk of becoming root bound or having parts of the root die off which makes it harder to move the plant to a larger pot.

Pots that are too small are also dangerous in terms of taking care of your plant and its ability to get the water and nutrients that it needs to be healthy and to grow.

Repotting is not something that you have to do, but you do need to make sure that if your plant has grown too larger for its pot, that you do consider taking the time to get a larger pot.

Jade plants are considered succulents, so they are a bit more resilient than other plants, making repotting easier than you might imagine.


How to Repot Your Jade Plant

The first step is to allow your succulent to dry out. This might seem like a bad thing, but drier soil is going to be easier to transplant from.

When the soil is very dry you can start by gently removing the plant from the pot that it is in.

You should remove it gently with rocking motions to help loosen the plant without damaging the roots and without damaging the plant itself.

After you have the plant out of the old pot, shake away soil from the roots and inspect the roots.

If you see roots that are damaged, roots that are rotted, or roots that are dead, you should gently remove them so that the roots that remain are healthy and ready to grow.

If there are any cuts or other damage to the plant they should be treated while the plant is out of the pot.

After you have put the plant into the pot, you should backfill the soil around the roots and try to spread them evenly as you place the dirt.

This is going to give your plant a chance to get a great start with new root growth.

It is best to repot when it is warm out so that your plant has a chance to dry out during the process. 

When watering you do need to water carefully with a transplant.

Rather than overwatering as many people suggest for other plants, you do need to water lightly so that it can establish itself and get stronger before you start your normal watering schedule.

Though we are specifically talking about jade plants here, this repotting method can be applied to most succulents.

Succulents do not necessarily do well with fertilizer so though that might seem like a good option, it is not necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions About When To Repot A Jade Plant


Can repotting my Jade plant damage it?

Though rare, repotting can actually kill your Jade plant. You do need to take the time to make sure that you carefully transplant your Jade plant and minimize the possible risks or damages this process can cause on it.


Will a repotted plant get bigger?

A Jade plant that you have repotted does have the potential to get larger as it grows into its new pot. Making sure you are watering properly, being careful, and taking the time needed to repot the Jade plant properly, you can ensure providing it with the optimal conditions for growing.


Can you pot Jade plants with other succulents?

You can put jade plants into larger planters with other succulents. Jade plants are very resilient and they do have the normal needs of a succulent. If you do have other succulents and a very large pot you may be able to place them with other succulents.