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6 Best Fertilizer for Onions and Garlic – A Buyers Guide

6 Best Fertilizer for Onions and Garlic – A Buyers Guide

Onions and garlic, two of the most widely used crops, are essential components of several dishes, salads, and herbal products. 

For those who love these vegetables, there is good news; they are fairly easy to grow. 

They are from the Allium family, with over 900 species. While the varieties’ origins vary, most onions and garlic plants have hailed from middle Asia, with secondary centers in western Asia and the Mediterranean lands. 

Most of these varieties are harvested from May through July; however, the time is primarily dependent on the species. 

Onions are often planted as sets, transplants, and seeds. When it comes to garlic, most gardeners prefer planting them as cloves and opt for disease-resistant seed stock. 

Garlic is known to have numerous properties, including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. With consistent use, it reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure, aside from its weight reduction properties. 

On the other hand, onions aid in removing toxins from the body, treating cold and cough, and regulating digestion.

Generally, these two highly beneficial crops are heavy feeders and thrive in fertile soils. 

Onions and garlic enjoy fertilizers that are high in potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen. If you are wondering what to feed your onion and garlic plants, follow this simple guide. 


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Best Fertilizers for Onions and Garlic


Jobe’s Organics Bone Meal Fertilizer

Jobe’s, a plant fertilizer expert, has come up with the Organics Bone Meal fertilizer. 

It is an OMRI-listed feed that suits the needs of almost all types of onion and garlic plant types. With its excellent composition, it ensures healthy and reasonably fast growth. 

The Jobe’s Organics Bone Meal fertilizer contains 15% calcium, 14% phosphate, and 2% nitrogen, all necessary for various functions and roles. 

Nitrogen helps the plant carry out photosynthesis, a natural food-making process. 

Phosphate is primarily involved in synthesizing essential sugars and starches, energy and nutrients transfer around the plant, and passing of genetic information.

The fertilizer is an organic mix that encourages healthy growth, an efficient rooting system, and good blooms along with fruit development. 

The Organics Bone Meal fertilizer comes in a granular form that promotes the formation of fine and fairly disease-resistant vegetables, flowers and bulbs, and tubers. 

This fertilizer proves to be a reliable and constant source of nitrogen and calcium with perpetual use. 

It is certified as purely organic, meaning it does not contain any synthetic chemicals, which leads to greater long-term benefits. 

The Jobe’s Organics Bone Meal fertilizer is formulated in a prilled form that decreases the settlement of dust during application and is ideal with all types of feed spreaders. 

An easy-pour bag that weighs 4-pounds makes using it a hassle-free task. 

The fertilizer has a guaranteed analysis of 2-14-0; apply every three months for the most effective results.



  • Compatible with all types of onion and garlic plant types 
  • Excellent source of nitrogen and phosphorous 
  • Reduces dust formation 
  • Easy to pour bag 
  • Healthy and reasonably fast growth 
  • It comes in a granular form that ensures easy and wide-spreading



  • It does not contain all essential minerals 
  • Offers less product than others

To check out this fertilizer’s information, please click here


Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer

The Burpee Organic Blood Meal fertilizer is one of the top favorites of local home and commercial gardeners. 

It contains several ingredients that are vital for the optimum growth of onion and garlic plants, such as nitrogen other micronutrients. 

It contains abundant nitrogen that promotes lush and bountiful produce and harvest. 

The fertilizer also has numerous microelements in its formula that encourage green, lush, and highly nutritious onions and garlic that compliments all your dishes and salads. 

The Burpee Organic Blood Meal fertilizer is OMRI certified and is a remarkable source of nitrogen that aids in photosynthesis, resulting in vibrant blooms and delicious garden vegetables. 

It is an organic formula that contains no harmful chemicals. 

The fertilizer is made locally in the United States; thus, it perfectly complements the garlic and onions grown here. 

It does not require any preparation, meaning it saves you a considerable amount of time with no compromise on quality. 

Along with being a great organic source of nitrogen, the Burpee Organic Blood Meal fertilizer provides long-lasting results that persist for months. 

Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who dislike or forget to add fertilizer every few weeks to their vegetable gardens. 

Aside from garlic and onions, this fertilizer does wonders for late-blooming pumpkins and blossom-end rot tomatoes. 

The Burpee Organic Blood Meal fertilizer is formulated as thick granules that are not easily blown away by wind or light rains. 

Moreover, it does not cause any mess, leaving your garden almost just as clean before and after spreading the fertilizer. It is compatible with almost all onion and garlic plant types.



  • Made in the USA; compatible with the onion and garlic plant types grown locally
  • Trustworthy and fairly reliable 
  • Excellent source for nitrogen 
  • Thick granules that prevent the fertilizer from blowing away in the wind 
  • Long-lasting effects; persist for several months 
  • Mess-free; does not leave garden dirty or cluttered 
  • Affordable and effective



  • The seal part does not work 
  • It does not contain some micronutrients 

For an economical and efficient fertilizer, get your hands on the Burpee Organic Blood Meal fertilizer


Greenway Biotech Brand’s Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 Fertilizer

The Greenway Biotech Brand has made feeding plants an enjoyable task. 

With its ecofriendly formula, the Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer fulfills all the requirements of onion and garlic plants, including high nitrogen content. 

The Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 fertilizer is a great product for anyone who is a fan of quick-absorbing formulas. 

The great amount of nitrogen that is present in this product keeps plants healthy, fresh, and highly nutritious. 

It comes in a 50-pounds pack containing 21% of water-soluble nitrogen and 24% of Sulfur. The latter is another important plant mineral needed to synthesize proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and chlorophyll. 

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in nodule development and effective legumes fixations. Sulfur also contributes to crop winter hardiness and photosynthesis. 

The Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 fertilizer is considered an affordable and highly efficient product by several houseplants and commercial gardeners.

It is a quick-acting product; you will see an improvement in your plants’ overall growth pattern within days. It gets even better with a few weeks’ use, making you wonder why you did not bring this product home sooner.

Due to the presence of Sulphur, it maintains acidity in the soil, which is good for growth and for lessening the probability of infectious diseases. 

Onion and garlic plants like similar conditions; they thrive in acidic soils. This fertilizer is ideal for acid-loving varieties and keeps pH levels low in alkaline soils. 



  • Eco-friendly formula 
  • It offers a high Sulphur content 
  • It leaves plants feeling fresh and nutritious 
  • It offers a considerable amount of nitrogen 
  • Ideal for acid-loving plants, such as onion and garlic 
  • Instant results 
  • Affordable and effective
  • Maintains soil acidity, lowering the probability of infections 



  • Heavy bag; hard to use 
  • It does not contain some microelements

The Greenway Biotech Brand’s Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer is one of the most sought-after fertilizers. With its instant results and high efficiency, it is a great option.


Espoma Organic Blood Meal Natural Fertilizer Plant Food

The Espoma brand is a true expert when it comes to making plant fertilizers. 

This time they have launched the Blood Meal All Natural Plant Food fertilizer that leaves you wondering why you did not get your hands on this product before. 

Its organic formula keeps onion and garlic plants fresh and provides abundant nitrogen and other essential micronutrients that enrich your plants with healthy elements. 

It is suitable for vegetables, shrubs, flowers, and trees. 

The Espoma Blood Meal All Natural Plant Food fertilizer is not only fit for juvenile and fit plants but is also a magic-like remedy for sick plants. 

Its excellent composition of natural ingredients leads to plants’ vigorous growth with larger, greener leaves. 

In onion and garlic plants, it boosts the growth of bulbs, helping them thrive and produce better crops. 

Its use throughout the growing season of spring (or cool weather) establishes a consistent nitrogen supply. You can also use the Blood Meal fertilizer in autumn. 

The Blood Meal All Natural Plant Food fertilizer is compatible with all onion and garlic plants due to its wide range and excellent characteristics. 

It has a 12-0-0 NPK (nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium) formula, meaning it offers all crucial macro elements. 

Furthermore, this product is manufactured keeping the great nature in consideration; its organic and eco-friendly formula does not harm beneficial organisms breeding in the soil. 

However, it’s best that you use the required amount only. 



  • Organic and all-natural formula 
  • Eco-friendly composition 
  • Compatible with several onion and garlic plant types 
  • 12-0-0 formula- ideal for the growing stage
  • You can use this during spring and autumn
  • Encourages the growth of bulbs, and ultimately, crops
  • Offers a reliable supply of nitrogen 
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to use – comes in a sealed bag



  • Slightly pricey than other fertilizers with similar characteristics 
  • May burn crops if used in surplus

For gardeners aiming at boosting their onion and garlic bulbs’ growth, the Espoma Organic Blood Meal All Natural Plant Food fertilizer is the ideal option. 


Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer

The founder of Dr. Earth, Dr. Mio Shammas, himself has come up with this exceptional formula; crafted with excellence and great accuracy; the Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer is just what your onion and garlic plants need. It’s an all-natural product with no synthetic additives. 

Dr. Earth’s the only non-GMO project verified product available in the markets of the USA. 

The non-GMO certification means that all products contained in this fertilizer, whether derived from plants, animals, or other organisms, have not undergone any genetic alteration in the laboratories. 

The Premium Gold All Purpose fertilizer is a high-quality feed that does not contain any synthetic chemicals, toxic ingredients, or infested chicken manure. 

It does not harm kids or pets, and thus, can be safely applied to growing fields. 

It is a handcrafted product that contains premium-quality ingredients that are highly beneficial for onion and garlic plants. 

Additionally, it is enriched with numerous essential minerals, carbohydrates, humic acids, proteins, and trace elements. 

The Premium Gold All Purpose fertilizer’s contents enhance soil fertility, resulting in healthier and more nutritious vegetables and fruits. 

It is not only compatible with onions and garlic but also works well with several other vegetables that have characteristics similar to onion plants. 

This product is certified by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute), CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), OIM (Organic Input Materials), and NOP (National Organic Program). 

Moreover, it is considered to have organic transparency along with non-GMO verification for the greatest level of transparency and purity. 

With a sustainable formula, the Premium Gold All Purpose fertilizer is put together in the United States of America. 

Through the guidance of expert environmentalists, this fertilizer is created in such a way that it leaves minimal carbon print.

It contains an NPK ratio of 4:4:4, making it an all-purpose fertilizer, meaning it offers an equal amount of all macronutrients (potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen). 

Therefore, when fed with this product, your onion and garlic plants are certain to thrive. 

The Premium Gold All Purpose fertilizer is made from fishbone meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, feather meal, bone meal, potassium sulfate, kelp flour. 

Besides its excellent composition, it is one of the finest slow-release fertilizers as it contains a total of 4% insoluble nitrogen that keep the onion or garlic plant well-fed for weeks.

Furthermore, it offers some protection from infectious diseases and helps beneficial soil microbes thrive that protect the plant from stress.



  • Sustainable and eco-friendly formula 
  • 4:4:4 NPK all-purpose formula
  • OMRI, CCOF, OIM, and NOP certified 
  • Offers macro and micronutrients 
  • Only Non-GMO project with high transparency and purity 
  • Non-toxic and natural ingredients 
  • It contains beneficial soil microbes 
  • Long-lasting feeding 
  • Easy to use 
  • Suitable for all growing stages 
  • Kids and pet-friendly 



  • Some users reported that instructions and expiration dates were unreadable

For more information about the Premium Gold All Purpose fertilizer, read here.


Fox Farm FX14092 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer

The manufacturers at Fox Farm have come up with a fertilizer that considerably suits the needs of onion and garlic plants. 

With the Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, you get lush, vegetative growth that results in large and nutritious onions and garlic.

The fertilizer contains high-quality ingredients that are essential for optimal growth; these ingredients include nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. 

Each plays a vital role, without which the plant cannot survive.

Onions and garlic plants form somewhat shallow roots that do not reach deep levels. Therefore, providing the plant with necessary minerals that are readily available close to the surface is important.

The Grow Big Liquid Concentrate fertilizer makes this possible, offering abundant nutrients that are not too far away from the ground. 

Moreover, its liquid consistency allows it to quickly spread and be taken up by plants.

It is made with earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp that give it the ability to fully meet all the requirements of the onion and garlic plants. 

The product also contains other microelements crucial for several minor and major functions.

The Grow Big Liquid Concentrate feed, with an NPK ratio of 6:4:4, is focused on enhancing the onion or garlic plant’s size and structure; this leads to overall stability and healthy fruit, bud, and flower development.

For the best results, allow the new plantings to acclimate into their new environment for a few days. Next, begin using it with a ratio of 1 gallon of water to 2 teaspoons of the fertilizer. 

You can also use this product for foliar feeding; apply to both the plant’s leaves sides, ideally in the morning.

As soon as you notice flowers growing on your plant, switch to blooming fertilizers that provide abundant phosphate (promotes flowering). For the right feeding time, check the product packaging.



  • Offers macro and micronutrients
  • It contains Norwegian kelp and earthworm castings
  • Ideal for growing garlic
  • Can be used for foliar feeding
  • Provides easier access to nutrients
  • Quick absorption
  • Easy spread
  • It contains abundant nitrogen and a moderate quantity of phosphate and potassium



  • Requires usage with a bloom fertilizer
  • Works better with garlic plants

To read more about Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, click here.


Ideal Characteristics of an Onion and Garlic Plant Fertilizer


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Right NPK Ratio

When growing plants, one of the key determinants of development is the soil’s composition. 

It must contain adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, along with other trace elements, so that the plant grows in the healthiest manner possible. 

A fertilizer’s NPK ratio is among the most crucial things to consider when buying it. The NPK ratio tells you how much of the macronutrients are contained within the feed. 

For functions such as photosynthesis, energy and genetic information transfer, and repair, the macro and micronutrients are imperative. 

To see a fertilizer’s NPK ratio, read its packaging, which mostly displays each element’s amount. See what exactly your onion or garlic plant needs and buy your fertilizer accordingly. 

Most onion varieties have shallow rooting systems meaning they only thrive in soils with ample nutrients that are available close to the surface. 

Therefore, look for fertilizers with a high N value (high nitrogen); this will increase yield and improve bulb formation as well. In addition, balanced NPK ratios protect the plant against diseases.

In the case of garlic plants particularly, soils enriched with nitrogen work best. Furthermore, materials like blood meal, alfalfa, bone meal, and guano work wonders. 

The ideal fertilizer ratio for onion plants is 16:6:4. 


Essential Micronutrients

While macronutrients play vital roles in almost all functions, micronutrients are just as important. 

They are involved in several enzymatic reactions, respiration, and photosynthesis. Other than that, they maintain the plant’s characteristic color. 

To get the maximum yield, purchase a fertilizer with all necessary micronutrients, such as copper, manganese, and zinc. These are highly important, especially if your plant’s soil is deficient in minerals. 


The All-Rounder

All products on this list perform excellently for onion and garlic plants; however, one produces unparalleled results. This great product is the Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer.

It is an all-purpose fertilizer with a 4:4:4 NPK ratio that is well-balanced and provides all the necessary elements in the correct quantity. 

It is an organic and eco-friendly formula that is non-harmful to kids and pets. 

Moreover, it has received recognition from CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), NOP (National Organic Program), OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute), and OIM (Organic Input Materials). 

It offers organic transparency along with non-GMO verification, meaning it is formulated with ingredients derived from animals, plants, and other organisms with no genetic alteration.

Its excellent composition of macro and micronutrients fulfills all requirements of the onion and garlic plants. 

Moreover, it contains beneficial soil microbes that further enhance soil fertility. The fertilizer is packed in an easy-to-use packaging that makes fertilizing a pleasurable task. 

It’s also long-lasting and perfect for all growing stages. While offering all features of a supreme-quality feed, the Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer is a great buy for those on a budget. 


Best Time to Fertilize Onion and Garlic Plants

The ideal time to fertilize onions and garlic plants is mainly dependent on the crop variety. 

However, most types are fed during the growing season of spring. For the best yield, use the fertilizer twice for your beautiful plants. 

For the first application, add the fertilizer when you are preparing the soil for onions or garlic. For the second application, apply fertilizer after 20 days, after you have planted your crop. 

Then, reapply after every 1-2 weeks. 

However, please remember to check your crop type and its brand. Follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 


How to Fertilize Onion and Garlic Plants

Fertilizing onions and garlic is a fun task, especially if you consume the crops yourself. 

While the requirements and feeding frequency are pretty much the same, the process may differ slightly. The basic steps include:


Measuring the Fertilizer

Before adding fertilizer, it is important that you measure it accurately and add the needed amount only. Most fertilizers, when added excessively, burn the crops leading to further complications. 

You can either measure it with a suitable measuring device or simply use some cups or spoons, as mentioned on the product labels. 


Preparing the Solution

This step is not a requirement for all fertilizers; however, the feeds that are in the water or liquid forms should be applied as solutions. 

Dilute your fertilizer by adding it to some water and mix thoroughly. Fertilizing in solution form also prevents you from adding potentially damaging amounts. 


Applying the Fertilizer

Pour and evenly spread your fertilizer, whether in granular or liquid form. Please ensure that you add a significant amount on and around the planting bed. 

In the case of a liquid feed, pour it directly over the roots or soil. 



Onion and garlic plants are reasonably easy to grow. They need fertile soils, moderate, dappled sunlight, and fertilizers rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. 

All feeds on this list perform excellently and lead to stellar results. You’ll surely end up with big, healthy, and nutritious onions and garlic that enhance the taste of all the dishes they are added into. 

Consider the requirements of your plant variety, plan your budget, and bring one of these efficient fertilizers home today. 


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