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How Long Do Tulips Bloom? — Question Solved

How Long Do Tulips Bloom? — Question Solved

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Tulips have wonderful blooms for coloring the home and garden for a time each year.

Whether you prefer potted Tulips or growing them outdoors, Tulip blooms are truly among the most appreciated in all of the world.

Experienced gardener, or a complete novice, Tulips are easy to grow, which makes it possible for anyone to enjoy Tulip blooms from the comfort of home.

But, “just exactly how long do they bloom?” you may ask yourself if you’re considering potting or planting a few.

Read on below to find out exactly how long tulips bloom, and a few tips and tricks that will help prolong your blooms.


How Long Do Tulips Bloom?

Tulips are early and mid-season bloomers. Most tulips bloom for one to two weeks between early March and late April. In some cases, tulips may bloom as early as February or as late as May. The exact time of the year that they bloom varies depending on weather, location, and care-related reasons.


Tulips: Early Bloomers

The majority of tulips are indeed early bloomers among the multitude of spring-blooming flowers. That means you can plant them in January or February and they typically start blooming in early to late March

A few of the most popular early blooming tulips are:

  • Dwarf
  • Emperor
  • Fosteriana
  • Kaufmanniana
  • Lily-Flowered
  • Wild Flower
  • Parrot
  • Wild Blue Heart 


Tulips: Mid-Season Tulip Bloomers

During mid-April, mid-season blooming Tulips start showing their true colors. Depending on the year though, they could bloom a couple of weeks earlier or later.

Some of the most colorful mid-season blooming tulips are:

  • Darwin Hybrids
  • Fringed
  • Greigii
  • Triumph


Tulips: Late Tulip Bloomers

Last, but never least, late-blooming Tulips may show up anywhere from the last few days of April to the last week or so of May.


Among the most famous of all the late-blooming Tulips are:

  • Double Late
  • Fringed
  • Multi-Flowered
  • Hybrids


Frequently asked questions about blooming tulips


Do tulips bloom in the day?

Tulips are a day blooming type flower. That means that their full bloom is usually fully open and viewable by the middle of the day. Further, unlike some flower types, Tulips actually close their blooms at night, and when it rains. They also close themselves up if there are rapid temperature changes. Pro tip: plant your Tulips west-facing for earlier blooms.


Do tulips bloom at night?

Tulips do not bloom at night. As day bloomers, they open up their blooms during the day and begin closing again towards the end of the day. Even more, fresh blooms don’t appear overnight as do many flowers species. Although some types of tulips can open quickly, they do not go from bud to bloom in one night either. New blooms wait for the warmth of a new day’s sun before opening for the first time.


What month do late tulips bloom?

Tulips are typically either early or mid-season blooming flowers, but sometimes due to weather patterns, or other local environmental circumstances (drought, excessive rain, snow, and more), they bloom later in the year. That said, mid to late May normally marks the end of late tulip blooming. However, some hybrids may bloom in early June.