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How Long Do Tulips Last? ― The Answer

How Long Do Tulips Last? ― The Answer

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Flower gardeners look forward to the Spring when their Tulips finally begin to bloom after the long and colorless winter.

However, once their time to time comes, these beautiful blooming flowers don’t stick around forever.

So, “just how long DO Tulips last” you may wonder?

Read on below to find out exactly how long Tulips last, in the pot, in the garden, or in the vase or bouquet!


How Long Do Tulips Last?

Tulips last for various amounts of time, depending on what you do with them. In the garden, once they are blooming, Tulips last for one to two weeks. In vases, they can last for another 7 to 10 days, and in bouquets, for around 5 days. As perennials, most Tulips grow back year after year.


Garden Tulips

Outside in the garden area, Tulips usually start blooming sometime from the beginning to the end of March. They continue to bloom until approximately the end of April or the beginning of May.

However, some late-blooming species, as well as factors like the weather and local climate in general, may have blooms showing up as late as the middle or end of May

Mixed early, mid-season, and late blooming types of Tulips will make your garden colorful throughout the entire spring season. It is crucial to note that they like to bloom when temperatures outside climb above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

That means while the weather is still cooler, before the warmth of the hot summer months, every type of Tulip that’s planted in your garden should bloom for at least one to two weeks.


Potted Tulips

Tulips planted in pots, whether inside or outside, bloom at roughly the same time of the year as outdoor tulips. That said, potted indoor tulips have the ability to bloom for longer than their outdoors cousins in the garden. 

When planted in flower pots, we can control the environment of our Tulips. That way we are able to make sure they are growing at a good temperature and receiving proper lighting conditions all the time. 

Generally speaking, Tulips inside can bloom for about three weeks if they are taken care of properly.


Tulips in a Vase or Bouquet 

Tulips in a proper support vase typically last for at least a time period of up to seven days. However, If their vases are changed out with fresh water regularly, with a bit of plant food added in, the time frame for blooms may be stretched up to 10 days or more. 

Tulips in a bouquet, without being kept in a vase with water, and exposed to hot weather outside, may only last somewhere between two to four hours. Afterward, they become droopy, wilted, and eventually entirely dried out. 

But, if temperature conditions are a little bit better, the frame may be increased by an additional hour or two. Further, Inside, Tulips in dry bouquets may last for as much as a few days before completely drying out.