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Why Is My Calla Lily Not Blooming? That’s Why!

Why Is My Calla Lily Not Blooming? That’s Why!

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Whether you’re growing your calla lilies in containers or the ground, they tend to bloom in the summer and early fall.

Planting and caring for them throughout the spring and early summer for them to turn around and refuse to bloom can be incredibly frustrating for gardeners!

If you spend a majority of your time wondering, “why is my calla lily not blooming?” well, there could be many reasons.

Calla Lillies can be just as fussy as other plants, and they do prefer to be planted in the ground if possible.

However, where you grow them won’t make or break your bloom cycle; it very well could be something else.


Why is My Calla Lily Not Blooming?

The main reasons why calla lilies won’t bloom are nitrogen excess, not enough water, lack of sunshine, and dormancy. These problems can creep up no matter where you’ve placed your plants. However, the methods used to rectify non-blooming issues in potted or planted calla lilies might vary slightly.


Blooming Problems with Ground-Planted Calla Lilies

There are various reasons that plants that grow in the ground don’t bloom, and many of them are similar regardless of plant type.

When calla lilies don’t bloom, the source likely has one of three causes.


Overabundance of Nitrogen

Too much nitrogen is a killer of blooming plants in the ground. Not literally.

Too much nitrogen will leave your plants that are supposed to bloom looking very green and lush, but without blooms!

I love greenery as much as the next gardener, but I want my plants to flower.

You can either replant your calla lily in a pot or add a fertilizer that contains phosphorus to eliminate the excess nitrogen.

Both methods are relatively quick, inexpensive fixes that work.


Not Enough Water

If you aren’t watering your calla lilies enough or you’ve planted them in an area in your yard that doesn’t get enough natural water, they won’t bloom.

Lack of water can cause the calla lily to appear wilted, and it might yellow.

Since not enough water will stunt the growth of your calla lilies, you can replant them where they’ll receive the water they need or simply supplement the water yourself.


Planted in the Shade

Calla lilies are true lovers of full sun. They don’t like to be in the shade, and if yours are, they definitely won’t bloom.

Lack of light will keep the calla lilies from growing and blooming, so you may want to consider transplanting them to a sunny spot.


Helping Potted Calla Lillies Bloom

I have lived in a couple of places where the soil isn’t great. It didn’t drain well, and there was a severe lack of places to plant my sun-loving plants (like my calla lilies).

As a result, I kept many of my calla lilies in pots.

If you find that your potted calla lilies aren’t blooming, it’s likely because they aren’t getting a dormant season.

You’ve got to provide them with a dormant period to get your contained calla lilies to bloom.


Creating Calla Lily Dormancy

You might think this sounds like an intimidating process, but that misconception could not be further from the truth.

When your calla lily stops blooming, assuming it has, it’s time to stop watering it.

It goes against everything you believe in as a gardener, I’m sure, but let the potted calla lily soil go completely dry.

The leaves will begin to die back, and your plant will look like it’s done for but don’t get discouraged. Your lily is only appearing dead.

Once the foliage dies back, then you’ll want to place your calla lily in a cool, dark place for about two months.

Please mark the date on your calendar, and when the time is up, take your lily out and get back to watering it regularly!

Watch for the foliage to begin to grow back. Once it does, you’ll see that your lily will bloom shortly after.

Remember, dormancy is crucial when the blooming period is over. Your calla lily needs to rest.


Frequently Asked Questions About Why My Calla Lily Is Not Blooming


Why won’t my outdoor calla lilies bloom?

Calla lilies planted in the ground need plenty of water, sunlight, and well-balanced soil. If your calla lily isn’t getting what it needs, it will not bloom. Luckily, these three issues are straightforward to fix.


Why won’t my potted calla lily bloom?

Chances are, you aren’t giving your potted calla lily the time it needs to rest. Be sure to create a dormant period for your lily, letting it recharge and reset so it can bloom again, even better than before!


Can Calla Lilies have too much sun?

Calla lilies love full sun, so don’t be afraid to plant them in the sunniest spot in your yard or place them on a sunny sill. They will soak it up without complaint.


Encouraging Your Calla Lilies to Bloom

All blooming plants will flower with proper care. Gardening is challenging because every plant has its own specific needs, and the calla lily is no exception.

However, calla lilies are also relatively easy to please.

It won’t be too much effort on your part, and your reward is beautiful, fragrant calla lily blooms!