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14 Steps How to Divide a Peace Lily – The Best Guide!

How to Divide a Peace Lily?

The peace lily (the scientific name is Spathiphyllum according to the University of Florida) can grow voluminously quickly, outgrowing its existing pot, but you can easily divide one of these larger plants into two or three plants.

You only need a peace lily with crowns that is not currently in the flowering phase to do this.


How to Divide a Peace Lily?

Divide your peace lily by tipping it out of its current pot into your hand. Gently remove the potting soil around the roots by lightly tapping it. With sharp, sterile pruning shears, cut a crown section with rhizomes that has roots attached from the rest of the plant. Repeat this process if needed. Re-pot each small plant in a pot with damp, fresh potting soil.


How to Divide a Peace Lily

How to Divide a Peace Lily


14 Steps to Divide a Peace Lily Like a Pro

Once you have grown a thriving peace lily, you can divide the plant to obtain a second one, providing your home with added exquisite white flowers against the foliage of dark green.

If you started out your peace lily in a large-sized pot, it might take a few years before you need to re-pot it.


Cut a crown sections with a rhizome

Cut a crown sections with a rhizome


Re-potting the flower provides the perfect opportunity to divide it. This lets you have more plants for the price of just one.

This method requires a sterilized agent such as rubbing alcohol, pruning shears, or a sharp knife plus three containers or flowerpots.

You will also need potting soil with significant peat moss in it, a drop cloth or newspaper, and some water.

So, once you’ve got everything ready, follow the steps below for dividing your peace lilies.


Peace lilies can be separated with sharp sterile pruning shears

Peace lilies can be separated with sharp sterile pruning shears

1. Examine your peace lily for health and crowns. The flowering plant must be healthy and have existing crowns. These two factors indicate that your plant matured enough to propagate.

2. Lift the plant out of its pot or lean it on its side and slide the plant out of the pot.

If you notice that the roots grew around or through the slots at the bottom of the planter, you need to gently remove them. Carefully loosen the roots from the bottom of the pot.

The plant should lift out now.

If not, either tap the pot and rock it gently or use a fork to lift out the soil package around the plant’s roots.

3. Tap the potting soil surrounding the roots to make them fall away. This reveals the roots of the plant and lets you find the proper dividing points.

4. Pour rubbing alcohol into a shallow tray. Dip the pruning shears into the tray, immersing both sides.


Look for a rhizome with roots attached when dividing a peace lily

Look for a rhizome with roots attached when dividing a peace lily


Open and close the shears alternately a few times to sterilize the entire blade set.

5. Check the rhizomes against the roots to make sure that the rhizome you plan to cut has healthy roots attached to it.

6. Holding the peace lily by the crown section, cut the rhizomes into two or three sections using the shears.

7. Your lovely peace lilies aren’t quite ready yet to go into a new pot.

You should double-check each plant’s roots and foliage, closely examining the rhizomes for damage and disease.

Remove loose, damaged, or diseased parts of the flower.

8. Examine the roots of each of the plants and remove any brown-tipped roots. Get rid of whatever is unhealthy.

9. Remove all brown-tipped leaves. Get rid of whatever is unhealthy.

10. Prepare a four-inch pot with drain holes and a tray beneath it with fresh potting soil. You will need potting soil with plenty of peat in it.

11. Plant the flower with the rhizome division beneath the potting soil.

12. Lightly water each plant so the potting soil moistens. The lilies won’t grow in dry soil. Always use room-temperature water.

13. Place the lilies in indirect sunlight where they will remain warm, but not overheat.

14. Two months after you re-pot your plants, fertilize the peace lilies. Thereafter, provide them with fertilizer once per month.


Repot peace lily cuttings in their own pot with fresh, damp potting soil

Repot peace lily cuttings in their own pot with fresh, damp potting soil


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Divide a Peace Lily


What time of year do peace lilies bloom?

When you plant them outdoors, these lilies bloom in the springtime. When you plant them indoors, they may bloom throughout the year.


How often does it take for peace lily to outgrow its pot?

Typically, a peace lily will outgrow its pot in three to five years. When planted outdoors, they will grow most actively in spring and summer. Indoors though, these plants can grow out of their flowerpot in a much shorter time frame.


How can you grow your peace lily more quickly?

If you feed your peace lilies with high-quality fertilizer, you’re guaranteed that they’ll fare well. Feed your peace lily once monthly or every 6 weeks to keep it in good condition and make it reach its full growing potential.


How can you make peace lilies grow faster?

Fertilizing your plants will help you grow them more quickly. Fertilize your peace lily with a houseplant fertilizer that’s balanced every four to six weeks.


Is there a best time of year to divide a peace lily?

These plants do best when you divide them during good weather. Avoid propagating during extreme heat or cold, so you do not damage the plant. You can easily divide your existing peace lily to produce more plants. This method can provide you with two or three plants from a single lily plant.

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