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How Often to Water Monstera deliciosa – My Best Tips!

How Often to Water Monstera deliciosa – My Best Tips!

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How often to Water Monstera deliciosa? A Monstera must be adequately watered to avoid root rot and ensure optimal growth. But water this houseplant too much, and you will have many issues.

According to Oxford University, Monstera is quite forgiving regarding underwatering. The danger lies in overwatering your Monstera deliciosa, which might lead to root rot.

How often to water Monstera deliciosa

Water weekly when the top 2-3 inches of soil are almost dry to the touch (5.0-7.5cm). Water slowly but deeply using an overhead or bottom watering approach. Let a Monstera almost dry out between waterings. Avoid overwatering and underwatering, as both can harm the plant’s health.

How to Water Monstera deliciosa
How to Water Monstera deliciosa

Monstera watering

Water a Monstera Deliciosa once every seven days indoors. Let the soil dry out between waterings, and use your index finger to check if it is time for watering. If the soil is still humid, do not water.

Water more often in bright light compared to lower light conditions.

Water in the morning and not in the evening when it needs rest.

If you water it at night, the excess water will dry out slowly, and the soil remains wet for a long time.

How often to water a Monstera deliciosa
How often to water a Monstera deliciosa? Water about once a week

When to water Monstera deliciosa

Water once the top 2-3 inches of soil are almost dry (5.0-7.5cm). These aroid plants like slightly humid soil but not soggy soil. Never let the soil dry out completely.

How to water Monstera

Give your Monstera Deliciosa a cup or two of water, and it’ll perk right back up. Add water until it starts flowing through the drainage holes.

This amount is just the perfect guide for beginners but a general rule of thumb.

Doing this will ensure that you neither under nor overwater your plant. Overwatering or underwatering your plant leads to many problems, such as yellow or brown leaves and root rot (overwatering).

Water your Monstera According to the Substrate

If your substrate is dense, then water less frequently. Watering more than required will lead to soggy soil and root rot since roots will suffocate and lose their ability to absorb water due to a lack of oxygen.

When you use an airy aroid soil mix, it is safe to water your plant as much as you want.

In this type of soil, the water drains quickly, and the soil does not remain soggy or wet for a very long time.

So it is fair to conclude that watering depends on your soil mix. There is not much you can do wrong about watering your Monstera deliciosa if you use an airy aroid mix.

Water your Monstera According to the Substrate
Water your Monstera According to the Substrate – Dense substrate is less suited, and you must water less often.

Type of Water for a Monstera

The water you use for your monstera is not a big issue. Any water will do but distilled and rainwater are the best choices if you have these types of water available as they are the purest form of water to provide.

Tap water, as mentioned, is fine as well, but it contains certain salts that can be harmful to plants in general, and it will lead to salt buildup over time. If you use tap water, leave it for 24 hours for chlorine and fluorides to dissipate.

Another safe choice of water is rainwater, as it has almost no contaminants.

Distilled water, on the other hand, has 0 impurities but also does not carry any nutrients. That is something to take into consideration. Adding nutrients through fertilization is key here.

Type of Water for a Monstera - Rainwater or distilled water are best
Type of Water for a Monstera – Rainwater or distilled water is the best choice

Monstera deliciosa Watering Ways

There are two methods to water your Monstera deliciosa plant:

Overhead Watering a Monstera

Overhead watering is how you water your Monstera Deliciosa from the top. You can use different tools to water it this way.

You can use a pipe, hose, or watering can to water your Monstera plant from the top. It allows you to wash the leaves of the Monstera. Monstera leaves collect dust over time. It also is a quicker way to deliver moisture to your foliage.

Bottom Watering a Monstera

Bottom watering is a method of watering a Monstera Deliciosa from the bottom up. When you water your plant from the bottom up, its roots get more robust because they’re continuously spreading directly down toward the moisture.

To do this, fill a container with water and place your pot in it. After 10 minutes, check if your plant has absorbed enough water. If not, place it in the water bath for another 10 minutes.

Care While Watering a Monstera deliciosa

Taking care of a few things while you water your Monstera deliciosa is essential. Overwater your plant only if you have drainage holes under your pot.

Always evaluate your Monstera Deliciosas’ watering needs before providing a drink.

To examine if your plant needs water, poke your finger in the soil and see if the top 1-2 inches (2.5cm – 5cm) of soil are almost dry to the touch.

Ensure that you water less in winter, as Monstera deliciosa will not grow less in autumn and winter and will need less water.

The right place to water your plant is shaded outside or in the shower.

The Monstera Deliciosa is forgiving and will not die if you forget to water it once or twice.

Read more about Monstera deliciosa care in this article.

As long as you are not overwatering your Monstera, care is easy. This is a yellow leave I plucked off my plant. Yellow leaves are a clear sign of overwatering
As long as you are not overwatering your Monstera, care is easy. This is a yellow leave I plucked off my plant. Yellow leaves are a clear sign of overwatering

What does an overwatered Monstera look like?

An overwatered Monstera will develop yellow leaves. The roots will become mushy and soft. They will turn from healthy white and yellow to light brown and black.

If you spot leaves starting to yellow, and it is not the oldest leaves only, feel the soil with your fingers. If the soil is wet, take the plant out of the pot.

Inspect the roots and remove any soft and mushy roots with scissors. Wash the healthy roots under running water.

You can also put cinnamon onto the roots as a disinfectant.

Disinfect the pot. Ensure it has drainage holes. Replant the Monstera into a fresh airy potting medium.

Tips When Watering a Monstera deliciosa

  • Keep an eye on the soil condition of your Monstera Deliciosa to know when to water.
  • Very carefully test the soil with a stick. The soil appears dry from the top but might be damp under the surface. Likewise, the soil wet from the top can be bone dry deep inside.
  • If you notice wilted or droopy leaves and the soil is very dry, water your plant slowly, as this is a sign of underwatering.
  • Another clue to know if you are not watering your plant right is to notice yellow leaves. Usually, an overwatered Monstera plant will show you this sign.
  • When the leaves are dry and begin to drop, you water your Monstera Deliciosa.
  • The color of the plants-soil can also help you indicate water. Generally, the soil that is wet looks darker than dry soil. Hence this can also guide you on when to water your plant.
  • Lastly, you know if your plant needs water by checking the weight of your plant. Simply pick up your pot if it feels heavy, then it has enough water. If it weighs lighter than it used to, it is time to water your plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if my Monstera Deliciosa needs water?

Leaves that start to curl, sag, or crisp at the edges are common signs that your Monstera deliciosa plant needs water.

How frequently do you need to water a Monstera Deliciosa?

Water your Monstera deliciosa every 1-2 weeks only when the top few inches of the soil almost dry out. Water more in spring and summer and less in autumn and winter.

Should Monstera deliciosa be watered from the top or bottom?

You can water this houseplant either from the top or the bottom. Generally, bottom watering works better as the plants only take in as much water as needed.

Monstera plant watering Takeaways

  • Water a Monstera deliciosa about once a week
  • Keep the soil slightly humid
  • Water once the top 2-3 inches of soil (5-7.5 cm) are almost dry
  • Either bottom or top water your Monstera
  • Rainwater, distilled, or tap water is fine.