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Orchids are flowering plants belonging to the Orchidaceae family. The family contains more than 280’000 species. Learn how to care for an orchid.

Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchid)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchid)

Some popular genera are Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium.

One of the most popular orchids worldwide is the Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchid).

Orchid Care Articles

Mealybugs on Orchids — Do This 1

Mealybugs on Orchids — Do This

Mealybugs are fascinating to read about or watch how they interact with plants in gardening documentaries.  On your plants, the results are not fascinating at all. Mealybugs are fast orchid…

Cymbidium Orchids

How to Get Cymbidium Orchids to Flower Again

Are Cymbidium orchids really easy-to-grow plants? Does that mean in comparison to other plants, or to other orchids? What happens when they don’t flower year after year? Read on and…

Orchid Bark Mix

Where to Buy Orchid Bark? Oh, I See Now!

Orchid bark is not hard to find and is neither a sweet confection nor bark from an orchid. A visit to your neighborhood hardware store or garden center will likely…

Dove Orchid Care — The Complete Guide 2

Dove Orchid Care — The Complete Guide

Dove orchids are known for their immense beauty. When you look inside the blooms you see the shape of a beautiful tiny white dove.  Dove orchids are also called Holy…

Orchid Pot

Why Do Orchid Pots Have Holes? Ooh!

Some orchids are essentially air plants brought to earth, and their roots need good air circulation and water circulation to survive. Even the American varieties that grow in soil need…

Where To Trim Orchids

Where To Trim An Orchid? Now I Know!

Trimming refers to pruning but sounds less harsh. More than one method exists for trimming an orchid. You’ll need to select what method to use depending on your goal. For…

Orchid Root Trimming

7 Nifty Steps How To Cut Orchid Roots

Orchids require root trimming, which can freak out some novice gardeners. Annually, you must unpot or dig up your orchid to trim its roots. After you trim the dead stems,…

Kinds Of Orchids

How Do I Know What Kind of Orchid I Have?

Often, orchids are packaged and sold with a very simplified label identifying the plant merely as being an orchid. However, there are close to 30,000 different varieties of orchids and…

Orchid Watering

5 Steps To Save An Overwatered Orchid

Overwatering orchids causes root and crown rot and eventually leads to the death of the plant, which is something we gardeners might not want to happen. In this article, I…

How To Plant Orchid Seeds The Right Way! 3

How To Plant Orchid Seeds The Right Way!

Orchids are lovely, and adding to your collection without the expense of a new purchase may appeal to you. Here you can learn how to plant orchid seeds, and if…

How To Grow Orchids From Cuttings - The Answer 5

How To Grow Orchids From Cuttings – The Answer

How To Grow Orchids From Cuttings. Orchids are both spectacularly beautiful and notoriously full of nonsense. Although, the latter isn’t strictly true. At the heart of it, they’re quite easy…

How to Grow Orchids in Water — How Indeed? 7

How to Grow Orchids in Water — How Indeed?

Orchids are one of the well-known blooms worldwide, of which there are currently over 25,000 documented varieties.  It is often thought that orchids are quite tricky to grow, due to…

10 Best Places to Buy Orchids Online 8

10 Best Places to Buy Orchids Online

Ordering orchids online offers a much greater selection and more competitive pricing compared to offline shopping.  You can browse different varieties, find rare hybrids, and compare costs all from the…