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3 Best Methods For Anthurium Propagation

3 Best Methods For Anthurium Propagation

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Anthurium can be propagated using stem cuttings, by division, by seeds, or through tissue culture.

Anthurium Propagation

The easiest way to propagate Anthuriums is by division. Take the Anthurium plant out of the pot and remove the soil. Look for clumps and individual plantlets. Take apart the plantlets gently and ensure a healthy root system. Spring and summer are best for plant propagation.

Anthurium Propagation
Anthurium Propagation

Propagating Anthuriums

1. By division

To propagate an Anthurium by division:

Step 1: Take the plant out of the pot

Step 2: Remove some of the dirt

Step 3: Identify individual clusters with roots

Step 4: Gently divide and pull away a single plantlet

Step 5: Put the plantlet in its own pot with drainage holes with well-draining potting soil

Step 6: Water lightly after 12-24 hours

Step 7: After 3-4 weeks, your cutting roots and/or new leaves will start to grow roots

Step 8: Repot the cutting in a new pot

Step 9: Watch your propagated plant grow

2. By stem cuttings

Propagate an Anthurium by cuttings:

Step 1: Check the plant and identify the nodes

Step 2: Prepare pruning shears, a knife, or a scissors

Step 3: Disinfect the blades using rubbing alcohol or hold them under a flame

Step 4: Take a clean horizontal or vertical cut

Step 5: Let the cutting callous over for at least 30 minutes

Step 6: Put the cutting directly into the soil, water, sphagnum moss, perlite, or peat

Step 7: Water the potting medium lightly after 12-24 hours

Step 8: After 3-4 weeks, your cutting will develop roots, and/or new leaves will start to grow roots

3. By seeds

To propagate Anthuriums by seed you either need to buy the seeds or pollinate your own plants. I do not recommend buying seeds on the internet as they are often not viable. You can buy seeds from known collectors, however.

Follow these steps to propagate by seeds:

Step 1: Let the seeds soak overnight (12 hours) in water

Step 2: Place them in a moist, well-draining, and humid potting mix

Step 3: Use a plastic container with a lid and put the seeds in it

Step 4: Use a spray bottle to increase the humidity in the container

Step 3: Ensure the humidity is very high, between 80-100%

Step 4 : Add a heat mat underneath the container

Step 5: After 7-30 days, the seeds will start to sprout

Step 6: Let the plantlets grow for several months until they produce their first true leaves

Step 7: Gently acclimate the seedlings to lower humidity conditions by opening the container for a few hours every day

Step 8: Enjoy the new plants

Tissue culture

Tissue culture is the process of creating a perfect clone of your mother plant. Laboratory equipment, such as vessels, hormones containing auxin, and cytokinin are needed. A sterile environment is vital not to let pathogens pollute the vessels.

To successfully clone a plant, you need the correct recipe or protocol and plant material from the mother plant.

Why Propagate Anthuriums?

Anthurium propagation has several benefits:

  • It is a cost-efficient way to produce multiple plants
  • You can create a backup of your mother plant
  • You get multiple plants that can be gifted to other people
  • You can produce more of the plants you already love

When is the best time to Propagate an Anthurium Plant

The ideal time to propagate plants is the main growing phase in spring and summer. Temperatures are warmer, and the plants grow vigorously. Therefore the propagation is much faster compared to autumn and winter.

You can also propagate in autumn and winter, but it will take longer as the plans are growing slower.

When not to Propagate an Anthurium Plant

Do not propagate houseplants when they are in bloom. They might lose the flowers if you do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anthurium Be Propagated In Water?

Propagation in water is possible. Take a cutting or plantlet. Get a clear plastic or glass vessel. Put the cutting into clear, lukewarm water. Change the water every 5-7 days. After 3-4 weeks, the cutting or plantlet should start to produce new roots.

Can You Grow Anthurium From A Cutting?

You can propagate these plants from a cutting Ensure that each cutting has at least one node. One or several leaves are beneficial but not needed. Leaves on a cutting will speed up the propagation process.

Can You Propagate Anthurium From Leaf?

Anthurium plants cannot be propagated from a leaf. At least one node is needed for propagation. The nodes contain the necessary information (DNA) to produce a new plant successfully.

Conclusion On Anthurium propagation

Anthurium can be propagated from:

  • Cuttings
  • By division
  • Form seeds
  • Tissue culture