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Caladium Aaron Care — Plant Care 101

Caladium Aaron Care  — Plant Care 101

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I like Caladium Aaron because it is simple to plant, exceptionally great for in-house decor, and gives my garden a beautiful glowing feel. 

It has bright and radiant heart-shaped thin white leaves along with dark green edgy borders. Due to its intriguing characteristics, it is often called the Angel Wings or Elephant Ears. 

The best part of Caladium Aaron is, it has a high tolerance for city pollution. So even if you are living in a polluted area of the city, you can easily plant it in your home. 

Whether you choose to plant it outside or inside, you can enjoy the tropical foliage colors of the Caladium Aaron plant.

With proper Caladium Aaron care, you can make it bloom beautifully in every weather and enjoy its fancy leaves. 

So, let’s look at the Caladium Aaron care guide that I have practically followed for my Caladium Aaron planted in my garden.



Caladium Aaron Care Guide

Caladium Aaron is a tropical plant from the Araceae family that grows better in moist and warm conditions in partial shade. The soil should be well-drained and warm up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal temperature is 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The plant has low frost tolerance and can die in soggy soil. 



Use rich nutrients and organic soil to grow a healthy Caladium Aaron – whether you plan to pot it or plant it on your landscape. 

It must have excellent moisture and drainage to avoid drying out or getting soggy. Plus, the pH of the soil should be between 5.5 to 6.2, slightly toxic.

If you are creating soil on your own, then take one part of houseplant soil, one part perlite, and a part of peat moss. 

Mix it and place it where you want to plant your Caladium Aaron. This mixture works for both conditions, either for growing it indoor or outdoor places.



You can place Caladium Aaron either outdoors or indoors since it can withstand low to moderate sunlight exposure

But I would like to suggest that for better Caladium Aaron care, place it in a partially shady place. 

It will help you avoid over-drying the soil and burning its leaves from the extreme sunlight.

Also, I highly recommend you to pot this plant so you can bring it inside during winter or place it somewhere in a shady place during scorching sunlight. 

When the weather is back to normal, you can change it with the fresh soil and place it outside in moderate sunlight.



If you are growing Caladium Aaron inside your house, make sure to water when the soil is dry. 

Too much watering can create water clog in its roots, which will affect its intake of water. 

But if you place it outside, then water it frequently as the scorching sunlight may quickly dry and burn its thin leaves.

If you still notice dying leaves even when watering on time, then it might be because of the internal watery stems causing damage to your plant. 

So, I recommend you stop watering until the leaves begin to grow back again.



Caladium Aaron is a warmer weather plant as it can withstand from 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

However, you’ll have to dig Caladium Aaron tubers by the end of fall and put them somewhere warm and shady. Especially during winters as it cannot bear the frosty weather. 

When the winter weather passes, you’ll have to replant them and continue with the usual Caladium Aaron care routine.

Don’t forget to cut off the dried or withered part of the Caladium Aaron, as it won’t let the rest of the healthy parts of your plant survive in the freezing weather conditions. 

So it would be best if you correctly trimmed the dried pieces of your plant.



Humidity for Caladium Aaron is essential for keeping it moist. High temperature and humidity keep its color fresh and vibrant. 

You can keep it moist by putting a pebble-and-water-laden saucer under the plant’s container somewhere warm – it can be indoor or outdoor. 

The constant evaporation due to high temperatures (not more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius) will keep the humidity high. 

That will provide the Caladium with the necessary moisture to stay healthy and avoid withering its leaves.

However, keep your plant away from heaters and don’t blow dry. Instead of helping it, it will damage your plant.



Regularly use liquid fertilizer in the growing season of Caladium Aaron every week. But if the leaves die or begin to turn yellow, immediately stop fertilizing – wait for two weeks. 

If the leaves grow back again, continue fertilizing less than before for at least three weeks.

Fertilize your Caladium Aaron only in the season of growth. Otherwise, your plant will wither, and it would be difficult for you to revive your plant again.



Caladium Aaron typically grows in warm seasons, including summer and spring. Its mature size is usually 12 to 30 inches tall, while it stretches out about 12 to 24 inches wide.

However, its growth is dormant in the cold weather. So you should water it only if it dries out. Plus, make sure to prune dead leaves so new leaves grow healthy.



In the beginning, pot the seedlings of Caladium Aaron indoor. When the plant becomes a bit mature, please place it in a warm and shady place outdoor during springtime. 

But if you are planning to buy a well-grown Caladium from a gardening shop, then you’ll find it in three sizes based on its tuber – medium, large, and jumbo. 

The more tubers it has, the more fancy leaves it will produce.

However, I highly recommend you pot your Caladium Aaron plant. It will allow you to move it around with ease during extreme temperatures without digging it up.



There are many propagation methods for Caladium Aaron, which include stem cuttings, layer sizing, leaf bud cuttings, and dividing tubers. 

So, apply the propagation method that best suits the condition of your Caladium Aaron plant.


Step by Step Propagation Methods

Here is the step by step propagation method for Caladium Aaron during the summer and spring seasons:

  • Divide and cut tubers into smaller pieces that contain at least one eye or a knob.
  • Put each tuber at a distance of 4 inches and plant them 1 inch deep.
  • Dry the cut pieces for a day before you plant them.

Since Caladium Aaron is a tropical perennial, and you will have to place it indoors during the fall season as its foliage color begins to wilt and leaves start to wither. 

So, the things that you can do for Caladium Aaron care during the winter season include:

  • Dig them up if you have planted Caladium on your landscape. Otherwise, you can move the pot inside a warm and indirect sunlight exposure place.
  • Let your Caladium Aaron dry out completely for at least a week to avoid internal water clogging.
  • Store the tubers in dry soil and a warm place, having a temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Replant or repot with fresh and moist soil in the spring season.


Common Problems with Caladium Aaron Care

Generally, the common problems that you’ll face while gardening Caladium Aaron plants are:


Slow Growth

Suppose the growing conditions for Caladium Aaron are not ideal. In that case, you’ll notice slow or little growth during the off-season (cold weather and low temperature). 

So make sure to follow the Caladium Aaron care guide strictly as it will help your plant survive the winter season and bloom during the summer and spring seasons.



Caladium Aaron is pest resistant. But when it is in the soil with other plants, some pests may bother your Caladium Aaron, such as aphids, mealybugs, or spider mites

Other common pests that could hurt your plant are caterpillars, snails, or grasshoppers. The bright and vibrant colors of Caladium Aaron’s leaves attract these insects.

So you have to stay vigilant and handpick the pests away from your plant if you see any.



Caladium Aaron needs slightly toxic soil, so all parts of this plant are poisonous and must not be eaten. Plus, you may also feel a bit of skin irritation when cutting its leaves and stems. 

Be sure to keep this plant away from your pets and children, and wear proper gloves while gardening the Caladium Aaron plant to avoid any mishaps.


Winter Sensitive

Due to the tropical nature of Caladium Aaron, you’ll have to take care of it during winters properly. Water it when necessary and keep on checking its soil. 

Also, make sure to place it in a warm and moist place while away from ventilators or heaters.


Tips to Keep Caladium Aaron Care and Stay Problem-Free

These tips will keep your Caladium Aaron, whether planted indoor or outdoor healthy and blooming most of the seasons:

  • Cut out the large and center buds to grow more leaves.
  • Grow caladiums in slightly acidic, well-drained, and moist soil.
  • Water your Caladium Aaron often during summer and spring. 
  • Do not overwater it during winters or when the soil is soggy.
  • Plant the tubers outside during the summertime and spring for them to bloom. 
  • Plant them indoors for four to six weeks before winters. 
  • Use liquid fertilizer for your Caladium Aaron once a month. At the same time, your indoor Caladium Aaron may only need it every couple of weeks.
  • For best Caladium Aaron care, please place them in a partially shaded location.
  • Place your Caladium Aaron indoor where they can get light, warmth, and humidity.

Make sure to follow the Caladium Aaron care guide and tips to enjoy the bright and glowing fancy leaves for an extended period.


Frequently Asked Questions about Caladium Aaron Care


Does Caladium Aaron need sun or shade?

Although Caladium Aaron is sunlight tolerant but practically, it’s better to place it in a shady place. It helps your plant to avoid burning itself due to scorching sunlight during summers.


Is it easy to care for Caladium Aaron?

It depends on your region’s weather conditions. It is pest-resistant but becomes challenging to take care of during cold weather.


Is Caladium Aaron Indoor or Outdoor Plant?

You can place your Caladium Aaron in both locations – indoor or outdoor. If you are placing your plant outdoors, make sure to keep it hydrated and frequently check its soil to keep it moist. Also, you’ll have to fertilize your plant monthly for outdoor locations. Otherwise, you’ll need to fertilize it weekly for the indoor place.


How do you take care of Caladium Aaron in extreme weather conditions?

One of the best ways is to pot your Caladium Aaron and move around where it is shady, warm, and has a moderate level of sun exposure.


Can you keep Caladium Aaron alive all year?

With proper Caladium Aaron care, it stays alive throughout the year. But its growth freezes and its leaves wither when exposed to harsh weather conditions and temperatures.


How to prepare Caladium Aaron soil mix recipe?

Since Caladium Aaron cannot tolerate any frosty weather, use warm, organic, and nutritious soil. Find a place that is partially shady with a moist location. Then, place the pot there, and put soil for your plant at least 8 inches deep.


Final Thoughts About Caladium Aaron Care

People who love to decorate their homes often use Caladium Aaron to give a luminous look to their garden. 

Plus, it has low maintenance costs, and you can plant it in different styles. 

You can use a small hanging basket for bedding style or go for the Thriller Spiller Filler flowering pot style

You can also combine it with other vibrant color plants with flowers.