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Do Hoya Plants Like Coffee Grounds? #1 Definite Answer

Do Hoya Plants Like Coffee Grounds? #1 Definite Answer

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Hoya plants, also known as wax plants according to the University of Florida, are common exotic houseplants. These plants are members of the Apocynaceae family of dogbane plants.

Hoya plants can be found in most major countries from Asia to Australia. They are epiphyte vines that grow from 3 to 59 feet (1–18 meters) on most terrestrial surfaces.

Since Hoya plants prefer acidic soil, keeping the pH balanced is a challenge. Coffee grounds, for example, aid in the creation of an optimal habitat for the roots.


Do Hoya Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Hoya plants do like coffee grounds. Hoya plants prefer an acidic environment, so it would be acceptable to add some coffee grounds into their soil. Coffee grounds do help this plant grow green and glossy leaves and to boost the soil. But even if coffee grounds are suitable, they do have their drawbacks that would affect your plant.


Do Hoya Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Do Hoya Plants Like Coffee Grounds?


How to Use Coffee Grounds for Hoya Plants

Coffee grounds can be used in two ways that would allow helping your plant thrive.

The coffee grounds can be used in solid and liquid forms.


Solid Form

Take a planting spade and release the soil around your Hoya plant. Spread one or two coffee grounds onto the surface of the soil.

You can add the solid form of the coffee grounds to the soil's surface where your Hoya's growing

You can add the solid form of the coffee grounds to the soil’s surface where your Hoya’s growing

Water the soil so that the coffee grounds merge with the soil effectively. Revisit this process each week.


Liquid Form

Take a 2-quart pitcher and put a modest amount of utilized coffee grounds into it and fill it with warm water. Put the pitcher aside and let it be for 3-4 days.

Let the coffee merge into a weak solution. Strain the coffee through a strainer so the liquid is all that will be left.

If you want to use the liquid form of the coffee grounds, strain the coffee so only the liquid will be left

If you want to use the liquid form of the coffee grounds, strain the coffee so only the liquid will be left

Dispose of the coffee grounds and pour the liquid into the soil around the roots and repeat the process once every week.


Uses of Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have several other uses that make your plant perfect and healthy.

Here I have pointed out some of its effective uses.



One of the essential uses of the coffee grounds is to use it in compost. Mix your compost with coffee grounds and wait for some time before using it.

Hoya plants originate from tropical forests where they are surrounded by organic matter and dead vegetation.

Home-made compost is the natural fertilizer that allows your plants to grow. The nitrogen present in coffee grounds provides an acidic environment for it to grow healthy foliage.

The nitrogen present in coffee grounds helps in making the soil acidic, helping the Hoya grow healthy foliage

The nitrogen present in coffee grounds helps in making the soil acidic, helping the Hoya grow healthy foliage

You can apply this mixture when you are about to repot your Hoya or ready to apply a base layer. You can even bury this mixture about 1-2 inches in the soil surrounding your plant.

But, be aware of certain significant issues.  Whenever you are about to spread the mix of compost and coffee grounds, make sure you are not overdoing it.

And the compost also has abilities to retain water, so this increases the chance of over-watering it. Remember to provide gaps in between watering of Hoya Plants.


Liquid Fertilizers

The liquid coffee is very nutritious and allows beneficial bacteria to form and aid in the growth of Hoya plants.

It improves the health of the leaves and the soil to provide a natural homemade fertilizer for your Hoya plant to thrive in.


Potting Mix

Coffee grounds are organic matter that provides nutrients as they slowly seep into the soil. They become a slow-releasing fertilizer that is mixed with your regular potting mix.

If you add coffee grounds to the potting mix for your Hoya plant, it becomes a slow-releasing fertilizer

If you add coffee grounds to the potting mix for your Hoya plant, it becomes a slow-releasing fertilizer

Coffee grounds are a sustainable resource that provides nutrients for up to 6 months. They contain more nitrogen than phosphorous and potassium.

While this composition may not be ideal for many plants, Hoya plants thrive in this medium.


Drawbacks of Using Coffee Grounds

Of course, coffee grounds have positive effects on Hoya lants, but there are some side effects of coffee grounds as well.

Here are some problems that could arise.


Excessive Moisture Retention

Coffee grounds are experts in absorbing moisture and keeping it in. Considering the fact that Hoya plants are succulent, moisture retention would lead to damage to the leaves.

They mostly act like a sponge absorbing it. This would lead to over-watering, severely damaging the foliage, leading to root rot and yellowing of leaves.

If you want to mix coffee grounds into the soil, I recommend changing the potting mix composition.

Adding perlite or peat moss might do the trick. This would allow extra drainage of water to be discarded and prevent waterlogged soil.

Changing the pot to a porous pot or smaller pot allows the soil to dry up quickly. This would help in preventing over-watering the soil.


Fungal Infections

This problem would only arise when the coffee grounds are spread over the soil. If not handled properly or over-done, it can lead to a host of fungal diseases.

Fungal disease increases the damage spreading to the roots and leaves, wilting them away and killing the plant.

However, this can be prevented by putting coffee grounds deep into the soil. If you don’t want to do that, you should mix coffee grounds with your compost for similar results.

Adding coffee grounds to the potting mixture prevents the growth of fungal infections overall.


Pests Attraction

Another issue that arises with spreading coffee grounds on top of the soil is pest infestation. Since the top of the soil is exposed, it becomes an open target for pests to attack.

Simply adding coffee grounds to the top of the soil will not work on pests like Fungus Gnats.

If such pests are a constant issue for you, it is highly recommended to mix coffee grounds in the compost for better results.


Stunting Plant Growth

There have been studies where coffee grounds are deemed responsible for preventing plant growth. This phenomenon has mostly occurred in seedlings and young plants.

Caffeine present in the coffee grounds prevents the Hoya plant from absorbing vital nutrients.

Nutrients like Phosphorous and Potassium are essential for growth and photosynthesis, which is why young plants weren’t able to grow.

Yet, no evidence shows that the issue will persist if coffee grounds are mixed with compost. The best recommendation would be to mix compost with the coffee ground and use it as a fertilizer.

Occasional use of this mixture is best.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hoya Plants Liking Coffee Grounds


Do Coffee Grounds Keep Pests Away on Hoya Plants?

Coffee grounds have caffeine which acts as a toxin to most pests that try to infest Hoya Plants. If your Hoya is planted outdoors, mix coffee grounds with the compost to stop pests like slugs and snails from infecting the Hoya plant.


How to Feed Hoya Plants with Coffee Grounds?

Whenever you are about to feed Hoya plants with coffee grounds, mix it with your potting mix or compost. You can even use liquid coffee as that will easily seep into the soil.


Are Coffee Grounds Good for Hoya Plants?

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen which helps Hoya plants to grow effectively. They also help with improving drainage and aeration in the soil. It keeps the pests away and even prevents weeds from growing. It’s best to use brewed coffee as it contains less caffeine.