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How Big Do Philodendron Birkin Get — #1 Correct Answer!

How Big Do Philodendron Birkin Get — #1 Correct Answer!

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If you are considering investing in a rare and beautiful Philodendron birkin plant, it’s only natural to wonder, “How big do Philodendron birkin get?”.

Maybe you have read that Philodendron birkin is fast growing, and you’re concerned about the plant’s maximum size because you live in a small apartment, which is perfectly understandable.

Or, maybe you want to be smart and learn all you can about Philodendron birkin before investing.

Even though Philodendron birkin isn’t as rare as it once was, it’s still a relatively pricey plant.

Regardless of your reasons, you’ll learn about the Philodendron birkin, including how big this plant gets.

How Big Do Philodendron birkin Get?

While Philodendron birkin is a fast-growing houseplant, it only reaches a maximum height of 3 feet (90cm) if you provide a moss pole. It will grow faster if you provide your plant with partial sunlight, adequate humidity, and well-drained soil.

How Big Do Philodendron Birkin Get
How Big Do Philodendron birkin Get

Philodendron birkin is a Medium-sized Houseplant

When your Philodendron birkin is young, it’ll be small enough to set on your desktop at home or even in the office, but it will grow bigger relatively quickly.

Young Philodendron Birkin is small enough to be placed on your home or office desktop
Young Philodendron birkin is small enough to be placed on your home or office desktop

Philodendron birkin reaches a maximum height of one to three feet (90cm), so it will still look gorgeous near your window or in an area of your home with adequate indirect sunlight, even after it outgrows its original pot.

This rare houseplant boasts beautiful large green leaves with white pinstripes that can add a touch of elegance to your home or office, and the plant size is perfect for any area.

While Philodendron birkin does produce large leaves, it won’t expand more than three feet in width.

Although three feet wide may sound a little bushy for your taste, most Philodendron birkins don’t expand this much.

Even so, you should place your plant in a large enough area of your home to accommodate the plant’s growth.

Philodendron birkin is a Relatively Fast-growing Houseplant

While many retailers and nurseries sell full-grown Philodendron birkin, you may have thought you lucked out when you bought a cute-sized baby plant to set on your dresser, desktop, or windowsill.

But Philodendron birkin grows relatively quickly.

Some say it’s a slow-growing plant, but that’s inaccurate.

Since Philodendron birkin usually only needs to be repotted every year or two, it’s easy to assume it’s slowly growing. Still, some of these plants may grow so rapidly that you need to repot them after a single growing season.

Despite the rapid growth, you don’t have to worry about your Philodendron birkin getting taller or wider than one to three feet.

Philodendron Birkin typically grows to about 1 to 3 feet in width
Philodendron birkin typically grows to about 1 to 3 feet in width

But it would be best if you still repotted it annually to prevent it from becoming root-bound. Even when it reaches its full size, its roots will continue growing and expanding.

How to Encourage the Growth of Your Philodendron birkin

The correct watering of your Philodendron birkin will encourage its growth, whereas inadequate or excessive water and sunlight can damage your plant.

It isn’t difficult to get your Philodendron birkin to grow bigger. You need the main ingredients of plant care: sunlight, water, fertilizer, and well-draining soil.

Philodendron birkin should be placed in indirect sunlight and watered periodically but not excessively.

While this plant species is native to humid, tropical environments, too much sunlight could harm your plant.

Ideally, you should place your Philodendron birkin near other plants with more moisture in the air.

Philodendron Birkin thrives when placed with other houseplants due to the increased air humidity
Philodendron birkin thrives when placed with other houseplants due to the increased air humidity

Since Philodendron birkin doesn’t like to be root bound, repot it annually or whenever you notice slow growth or yellowing of the leaves.

Naturally, your Philodendron birkin will grow bigger if properly cared for.

While some people may be eager to see their plant grow into a large beauty, you may be concerned about your plant becoming too large or simply love how it looks on your dresser; its growth is inevitable.

Factors that Inhibit the Growth of Philodendron birkin

Sorry to say this, but your Philodendron birkin won’t continue to be a small adorable desktop decoration for long, so be prepared to move your plant to a larger space and purchase a new smaller plant to place on your desktop.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky, and your particular Philodendron birkin won’t get bigger than one foot, but there’s no way to control its size or growth.

That said, a few factors inhibit the growth of Philodendron birkin, but gardeners definitely wouldn’t recommend intentionally slowing growth.

If your Philodendron birkin is placed in an under or oversized pot or it isn’t receiving sufficient sunlight, water, or fertilizer, your plant will grow slowly.

Placing your Philodendron Birkin in an over- or undersized pot and insufficient sunlight can affect its growth
Placing your Philodendron birkin in an over- or undersized pot and insufficient sunlight can affect its growth

But lack of proper care could be detrimental to your plant. Although Philodendron birkin does grow into medium-sized plants with large leaves, these plants are beautiful enough that you will want to make room for them in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Big Do Philodendron birkin Get

Why is my Philodendron birkin growing slowly?

Slow growth and small and pale leaves could mean that your Philodendron birkin plant isn’t receiving enough fertilizer. The plant needs nutrients, such as magnesium, to thrive.

How do I make my Philodendron birkin bigger?

The signature large green leaves of the Philodendron birkin is what makes this plant so appealing. You can make the leaves grow bigger by providing sufficient direct sunlight, water, and fertilizer.

Is Philodendron birkin a good indoor plant?

Philodendron birkin is a medium-sized plant that’s an ideal choice for sprucing up your apartment. While this plant needs indirect sunlight, too much sunlight could damage it. If you place your Philodendron birkin near a window, it’s perfect as an indoor plant.

Afterword: How Big Do Philodendron birkin Get?

If you live in a small apartment, you may have very well given up on bringing home a Philodendron birkin the second you heard that it’s a fast-growing plant.

But don’t let that hinder you from appreciating and enjoying the beauty of this amazing plant.

While the Philodendron birkin is indeed fast-growing, it doesn’t get any bigger than three feet tall.

So, if you want a beautiful plant to spruce up your home, consider Philodendron birkin.

Aside from being strikingly gorgeous and easy to care for, they are the perfect size for any home. While they’ll outgrow their pots, they won’t outgrow your home or your heart.