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Why Are My Encore Azaleas Not Blooming? Ooh…

Why Are My Encore Azaleas Not Blooming? Ooh…

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If you want another beautiful addition to your garden, Encore Azaleas do the trick.

They are repeat bloomers during spring, summer, and fall and can be drought resistant as well.

That being said, it’s important to give your encore azaleas a good start to ensure that they continue producing beautiful flowers for years to come.

One of the main problems reported by growers is that their encore azaleas are not blooming.

I’ve put this article together for you to troubleshoot and overcome this issue, and to achieve stunning blooms with each passing season.


Why Are My Encore Azaleas Not Blooming?

One reason why encore azaleas don’t bloom is due to the soil’s alkalinity. They also need a moderate amount of shade as too much shade will create a lot of leaves with very few flowers. Finally, the type of fertilizer and the presence of different insects can all create issues with blooming. 


What Causes Encore Azaleas not to Bloom


Alkaline Soil

Most people don’t consider the fact that their soil could be creating problems with their flower’s ability to bloom.

While some flower varieties are able to bloom in just about any conditions, encore azaleas are a bit needier.

If you’re really committed to getting this flower to bloom, make sure your soil’s pH is between 4.5 and 6.

There are two options for testing your soil, either by contacting your local county office to see if they offer pH testing services or by purchasing an at-home soil testing kit.


Shady Planty Location

Moderate sunlight is important, which is why you should plant your encore azaleas in a location that doesn’t get too much sunlight or shade.

Make sure not to plant encore azaleas too close to any trees.

Not only can this provide excess shade, but the trees will leech nutrients from the encore azalea, which is a major problem when we see encore azaleas not blooming.


Incorrect Fertilizer

Fertilizer is not always required for encore azaleas, but in some cases, it may be necessary to encourage a healthy bloom.

For best results, you will want to check the pH as discussed above and then select a fertilizer or other soil additive accordingly.

Do not fertilize the encore azaleas until their growth is established, as it can injure the root system if used too early.

You should also avoid using products that contain large quantities of nitrogen because this can hinder the blooming process.

Finally, you want to avoid over-fertilizing the plant. This can create a multitude of problems with blooming and even contribute to plant death entirely.



Plenty of pests that can create problems in your encore azaleas.

If you are noticing signs of pest infestation, you should look into using a systemic insecticide or use an insecticide soap to wash the leaves with.

Looking for something more natural? The ladybug is a very effective pest remover (and yes, you can order those online).

If you live in an area that is heavily populated with deer, they like to snack on encore azaleas and will eat the buds off of the plants at night.

The best solution for this is to put up deer fencing to prevent them from entering the garden.


Weather Conditions

The weather could be the culprit for poorly bloomed encore azaleas, and even last year’s weather could impact the current bloom.

If last summer’s weather was hot and dry, it is possible that it damaged the buds and is creating issues with flowering this year.

A good way to prevent this going forward is to ensure your encore azaleas are adequately hydrated all summer long.

On the other hand, if the winter was too cold it could have had the same effect (damaging the buds).

During the fall or winter, you should take note of any abnormally warm periods. Encore azaleas, like other plants, tend to bloom in accordance with temperature.

A warm period during the winter could trigger the plant to bloom early, which will prevent or hinder blooming during the typical blooming season to come.

While there isn’t much you can do to troubleshoot the weather (wouldn’t that be nice?) you can take steps to help minimize the impact it has on your encore azaleas.

These include covering your encore azaleas during severely cold weather and ensuring you keep them adequately hydrated during times of extreme heat or excessively dry months.

If the heat is severe, you can try a strategically placed object to provide them with some shade, such as a large umbrella.


Frequently Asked Questions About Encore Azaleas Not Blooming


How can I get my soil into the desired pH range?

Lower the soil’s pH level by using wettable sulfur or ferrous sulfate. Wettable sulfur is great for lowering your soil’s pH and it is also an effective treatment for certain plant diseases. Important: You should never use aluminum sulfate when trying to lower the pH of your soil. It is poisonous to all varieties of azalea roots and can kill them.


Where should I plant my encore azaleas?

When planting encore azaleas, it’s important to make sure you aren’t putting them in locations that will receive too much (or too little) sun. You also want to avoid planting them near trees or in areas that will receive or retain excess water.



Encore azaleas that are blooming poorly can be both frustrating and disappointing.

I hope this has helped you to uncover some of the issues that your plant may be experiencing, and that you are able to have a beautiful, fully bloomed garden in the years to come!